About Town - June 10, 2019

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Published Monday, June 10, 2019
by Doris Lessenden

"LOVE covers all wrongs" Proverbs 10:12

Jimmy Bendorf of Eads celebrated his 91st birthday with his three pretty daughters, Terri, Trudy, and Linda, and families last week. Jimmy is blessed to still be able to drive to check his pastures where Hunter Uhland runs cattle, goes to the store and post office and senior parties at Haswell. Rightly so, he was the proud father of his daughters, who they were top notch cheerleaders. I remember Jimmy and Faye up in the stands in a Pueblo stadium when their girls were in a cheerleader competition. Ladies around town have said through the years that he is one of the politest men they encounter about town. That is what I call "the good life" and "a good man!"

Writing of good people, Bill and Charlotte Woelk come to mind. Last week they celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary! They are quick to come to help their neighbors like me when my wheels pulled the bedding and tools and everything to the floor leaving me trapped. Bill was out in the hot sun weed whacking and mowing his 101-year-old neighbor, Harvey Hollis', yard! Such good people! Former Eads Assembly of God Pastors Richard and Pat Zabriskie, celebrated their 60th anniversary in Arizona May 31.

Jan Richards, at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, announced that the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation annual meeting will be July 16. She related that the three new buildings in Eads are in progress, or construction will begin soon. Also, many workers and equipment can be seen around the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site building on Maine Street daily.

Michael Zimmerman showed how the rains lately have been such a blessing in a photo of his family on a bridge near their land northwest of Galatia, with lots of water flowing in Rush Creek. Three bicyclist men who were camping in the park told me that in Kansas there was so much flooding in some towns that they had to ride on to find other places for food and shelter.

Nadev Herman is another interesting bicyclist I hosted in my home. He was a Jewish man who was cycling to Mississippi where he was a youth worker in a camp for Hebrew youth. He sent word that he is now the director of the camp.

Tim Weeks, bus driver for the Eads Future Farmers of America chapter, took the students and their instructor, Ms Lindsay Todd, to the convention at Colorado State University-Pueblo where they reported to have had a good time.

Congratulations to Tess Horning, sports player for Kit Carson School and recent graduate. She was chosen for the prestigious Colorado High School Activities Association Steinmark Award for Class A women since she has been an outstanding player in three sports and for her academic achievements.

Sharon Pearson is in Weisbrod Hospital for a while after excruciating back surgery in the city.

That means that Dennis is caring for her 12 dogs at home, but her two show dogs are with caretakers in Illinois and Utah.

If there was a prize in our town for one of THE best employees, many of us think it would be Bev Lyon of the Crow's Stop and Shop Grocery. She is so helpful and compassionate to the shoppers and goes beyond the line of duty! Thank You, Bev!

Randy Wilson, formerly of Kit Carson, and his wife, Sarah, were hosted with a baby shower Sunday at the Lutheran Church. He has been an outstanding basketball coach at Wiley and Fort Morgan. 

Kyle Crow of Eads was married to Kenli Roth of Cheyenne Wells Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely ceremony, with a good time of reunion of classmates and friends. It was so beautiful to look at the 10 pretty bridesmaids attired in bright pink dresses and 10 handsome men in dark charcoal gray vest tuxedos and open pink rose boutonnieres. There was also a huge buffet dinner and dance in the Cheyenne County Community Building.

Besides the good food and fellowship at the senior citizen brunch last Thursday, the good thing was to get to sit at the table with Lynn Puls, whom we lovingly welcome back to Eads. Her husband, Steve, who was the former Baptist pastor here, died last year. Their four daughters attended school in Eads. Welcome home, Lynn.

Kelly Lujan called from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is doing well. He has landscaped his yard with beautiful flowers and plants. Kelly enjoys time with his grandchildren's families and his mother, Rose. They both send their greetings to friends here.

There are two baby showers soon, but I couldn't read the posters (too high). However, I know that they both are at the First Christian Church for the former Destiny Saffer, and for Brian and Kenna James.

Phil and Madonna Pollreis were glad to have their granddaughters to visit this weekend to help them with spring housekeeping. Madonna spends much of her time in mending clothes for other people. We are glad that she is using her 4-H skills.

The swimming pool is open for adults and kids. Spectators can watch and eat foods from the concession stand most any evening. Many people linger outdoors outside the Maine Scoop Ice Cream store that opens at 2:00 p.m. There are some entertaining movies being shown this month at the Plains Theatre.

Another main activity or work around our country is branding cattle, where ranchers help other ranchers. Some women prepare meals while, others take the workers to the cafes in town.

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