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All Things Plainview – November 26, 2023

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We have been in school for almost fourteen weeks, and the Plainview students and staff have been involved in many activities.

Destiny Cornelius, a junior, played varsity volleyball at Holly (her third year), and Ky Harkness, a junior, is playing basketball for the Holly Wildcats, starting his official practice this week.

The high school students (all five of them) are on the knowledge bowl team. They have competed in four meets: Holly, Plainview, Vilas, and Karval. Their fifth meet was November 17 at Manzanola.

The high school track team (all five high school students) have started practice for the indoor track season; their first meet is November 30.

The junior high students just finished their volleyball season and are practicing basketball. Their first two games are with Holly (December 4) and Cheyenne Wells (December 7).

Plainview School junior high volley ball team.

Three of the five junior high students are on the seventh-grade knowledge bowl team. So far, they have competed in two meets: Eads, where they placed fifth and Holly, where they placed second. Upcoming meets for the junior high are Flagler (December 1) and Springfield (December 8).

Three Plainview School Junior High students

The junior high and high school students attended the JC Pohl motivational assembly at Kit Carson School November 15.

Plainview’s elementary students have also been very busy with classwork and “hands on” activities, especially with their “specials, which involve critical thinking and character building, art, books with related craft activities, extra reading, and team building, STEM, and music and the Friday enrichment program. So far, the Friday enrichment activities have involved Halloween, ancient Mesopotamia, and soapbox derby cars. Many more creative and fun activities are planned for the future Fridays.

Plainview School STEM students building projects.

Pre-K through fourth grade went to the Harris Pumpkin Patch October 24, where they enjoyed a hayride, a maze, a sandpile, and face painting. They also picked out their own pumpkins. A special thanks to the Harris Family for making the outing available.

Plainview School students visit a local pumpkin patch.

The students K-12 are involved in Xello, which is a career planning online program. This program will get the students thinking about career choices at an early age.

On the lighter side, pre-K through seniors celebrated a spirit week during the week of Halloween. There was dress up days and activities. Monday was 80s Day and mummifying a teacher, Tuesday was Costume Day and an obstacle course, Wednesday was Beach Day and a frozen tee-shirt relay, and Thursday was Blue and White Day and beach ball volleyball. Students were encouraged to decorate teachers’ classroom doors. The winners for the door decorating contests were the fourth/fifth grade room and the English room. These unity-building activities brought our small school even closer.

Plainview School students dressed for Halloween.

Our staff has also been engaged with numerous activities and projects to make Plainview School the best it can be: library improvement plans committee, calendar committee, booster club, a district accountability committee, to name a few.

Upcoming Events

  • 12/6: Senior Citizen Holiday Dinner
  • 12/14: Secondary International, Cultural, and Cuisine Field trip to Colorado Springs
  • 12/20: Elementary Holiday Program