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Arizona's presidential primary is on the horizon: What voters need to know

Alex Gonzalez

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(Arizona News Connection) Arizona is gearing up for its presidential preference election that takes place in less than a month, and registered Democrats and Republicans were mailed their ballots last week. 

Adrian Fontes, Arizona Secretary of State, said all 15 counties in the Grand Canyon State passed their logic and accuracy equipment tests ahead of the vote on March 19th to ensure accuracy and election integrity.

"We've had teams deployed across the entire state making sure that those equipments are ready for your ballots," Fontes explained. 

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The party winners will then be considered by delegates, among the states' other nominees, at the Republican and Democratic national conventions later this year, where each party's respective candidate will be chosen and then placed on the general election ballot for November.

Arizona will hold its official primary election in July, which will be open to independent and non-party voters, but they'll have to select a Republican or Democratic ballot to participate. Fontes said because the PPE is not considered a primary election, it isn't subject to Arizona's primary law. Voters can check their party registration using the Arizona Voter Information Portal.

"If you are an independent, non-party designated, libertarian, no labels, Green Party, you will not get one of these ballots because unfortunately, under Arizona law, you're not eligible to vote in the March 19th Presidential Preference Election," Fontes explained.

Fontes added that more than 8,000 Arizonans registered or updated their voter registration on February 20, which was the last day to change or update their voter registration to take part in the upcoming PPE.