Best items to get the rock lover in your life

Best items to get the rock lover in your life

Feature Staff

If you don’t see the beauty in rocks, you might struggle to find them fascinating. In fact, they could strike you as boring. While you might not be able to “get it,” you can still support the person in your life who loves all things geology. That’s why you might consider purchasing the rock lover in your life one of these items, as they are the best gifts.

Mohs’ testing kit

If the rock lover you know is getting more serious about collecting, then you should purchase them a Mohs’ hardness testing kit. This scratch testing kit lets one check the hardiness of any gem or rock they find on their ventures. That scale ranges from one to 10, with one being talc and ten, the highest hardiness, being that of a diamond. The best part is that these kits are relatively compact, making them easy to travel with.

Handheld GPS

A handheld GPS is one of the best items you can get the rock lover in your life. Many rock collectors won’t spring for this luxury, instead relying on a phone or compass. However, they can easily run into issues as rock collecting may put them in areas with little to no cell phone service. A GPS has one purpose and does its job well, which allows for increased ease when mapping routes and going on the journey.

Rotary tumbler

Perhaps the budding geologist in your life is at the beginning of a long relationship with rocks and minerals. If that’s the case, then you might consider bestowing them with a gift to last a lifetime. That is none other than a rotary tumbler. If you’re unfamiliar with this item, you may wonder what your friend can expect from a rotary tumbler.

A rotary tumbler is a tool your friend will love as it allows them to polish any rock they find. The joy of opening their tumbler will be a feeling like any other.