Tips For Over-the-Road Truck Drivers

Tips For Over-the-Road Truck Drivers

Feature Staff

Obtaining your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A license allows you to drive heavy weights across many states. You’ve done the work in getting the license, and now you want to set yourself up for success to avoid jeopardizing the work you’ve done. Following a few tips for over-the-road truck drivers will ensure you maintain safety and awareness as you make your trips.

Safety Considerations

It may feel like you’re indestructible in a truck that’s so heavy-duty and high off the ground, but you should always use your seatbelt regardless. Though it can be tricky to get comfortable with the movement of your body as you cruise the road, resist the urge to travel unbelted.

Maintain your safety in the event of a crash. If you experience an issue with the seatbelt tightening over time, consider clamps that are made to prevent that. Whatever you do, stay off your cell phone. The distraction can cost you and your company hefty fines and jeopardize everyone’s safety on the road.

Mind Altering Substances

Drinking alcohol or using controlled substances can impair your judgment and ability to operate heavy machinery. Losing control of your faculties can result in fatal occurrences, the loss of your job, and the loss of your driver’s licensure. Keep in mind that even if you get a DUI while driving your own car, you are putting your CDL A and your job at risk.

Knowing Speed and Size

To help you and others on the road stay safe, be aware of the speed limits in particular areas and obey them at all times. Losing control of your speed can result in a deadly and massive accident. Additionally, maintaining awareness of the weight and height of your truck is essential.

You don’t want to find yourself driving in an area that prohibits certain trucks. You may end up with an overweight ticket or hitting a low bridge or overpass. If your numbers are close to the limit posted, err on the side of caution.

Planning the Routes

Planning is key when determining routes to take. As you familiarize yourself with roads and areas, it will be easier to determine the safest or most efficient way to get to your destination. Planning your journeys prior to departure can help you avoid inclement weather, wasted time, and potential hazards. You can then gauge when the best times to stop or be on the move are.

Truck Maintenance Matters

Ensuring regular maintenance is being done on your truck in between journeys will help prevent a breakdown in an unknown place. Brush up on proper care and common diesel engine noise issues that can arise and address them as soon as possible. Things happen, but keeping your truck in good condition helps eliminate the possibility of losing momentum on a trip due to truck failure.

You can be very successful in this occupation. Consider these tips for over-the-road truck drivers when starting out. Stay aware of your surroundings and implement defensive driving techniques to counter all those oblivious drivers you are sure to encounter on your trips.