The best materials for a backyard workshop

The best materials for a backyard workshop


Summer is almost over, which means it will start getting too cold to work on projects outdoors. If you’re someone who likes to craft and build all year round, you may appreciate having a workshop in your backyard. Discover the best materials for a backyard workshop so that you can keep doing what you love no matter the season.

Steel and concrete

Steel and concrete are by far the cheapest and strongest materials you can choose for your workshop. Additionally, steel can last decades when you properly care for it. Maintaining steel entails removing snow buildups during winter and keeping any large puddles of water away from the foundation. Add some insulation to complete a sturdy, inexpensive workshop that keeps out the heat and the chill.

Custom metal structures

If building a workshop yourself sounds like too much work, you can always order one online. One of the many benefits of metal buildings is that you can design what you want and have it shipped and installed for you.

Natural wood

Wood is another excellent choice for a shed because it’s easy to build with and tends to hold up well to precipitation and wind. The main downside to wood is that you need to stay on top of annual maintenance to seal the structure and protect it from moisture, rot, and insects. If you live near a lumber mill, wood may be cheaper than steel, so consider your location as you choose the right material for you.

Concrete workshops

If you live somewhere where it’s hard to find wood or metal, your next bet should be concrete. There’s a lot more to concrete construction than wood or steel, so prepare to pay more for labor.

Roofing materials

Once you decide how to build the workshop’s main structure, you need to think about roofing materials. Corrugated steel sheets work well with either steel or wooden buildings. Composite shingles are an extremely durable option that people commonly use on homes and other buildings. Asphalt roll roofing is one of the cheaper options available—just don’t expect it to last as long as the other options.

Consider factors like location, climate, and cost as you determine the best materials for your backyard workshop. Summer is the perfect time to build, so start now to ensure you have the perfect fall workspace.