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Bitter cold: Eastern Colorado under wind chill warning through Tuesday

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Colorado’s eastern plains face days of below-freezing temperatures and dangerous wind chill according to the National Weather Service.

Friday starts with what will feel like relatively warm temperatures in the low to mid-30s for most of the plains. Overnight, temperatures will plunge below zero as an arctic cold front drops into the state, and a wind chill warning comes into effect as early as 5:00 p.m. Friday, continuing through 11:00 a.m. Tuesday. Wind chill values as low as negative 35 are expected, particularly overnight, though daytime wind chill will only be marginally better. The coldest temperatures are predicted to occur Saturday night into Sunday, and again Monday night into Tuesday morning.

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The dangerously cold temperatures and wind chill can cause frost bite on exposed skin in minutes. The NWS strongly recommends avoiding outdoor activities if possible. If you must go outside, wear layers of clothing along with a hat and gloves. Animals should have shelter from the harsh conditions as well.

Ahead of the front, watch for strong and gusty winds potentially reaching 35 mile per hour. Portions of northeast Colorado may see light snow, with lower probability in the southeast.

The front had already reached Montana early Friday morning, and will spread across the plains states and Midwest. In the coming days, wind chill warnings are expected to be in effect from Montana south to Texas and east to Missouri.

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While overnight lows below zero are forecast Friday through Monday, daytime temperatures are minimally better. Saturday through Monday, locations such as Eads, Cheyenne Wells, and Lamar will see highs only in the single digits. Eads can expect a high of 7 Saturday and 5 Sunday, will Cheyenne Wells is predicted to reach 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Communities across the rest of southeast Colorado will experience similar temperatures over the coming days.

In northeast Colorado, Saturday’s high temperatures are expected to remain below zero, climbing to just above zero Sunday and Monday. Fort Morgan is predicted to have a high of -4 Saturday, while Limon can expect -1 for a high. Julesburg in the far northeast corner of the state will be at -3.

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