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Eads Chamber Names Fair Board Volunteer of the Year

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Doris Lessenden

The Chamber of Commerce usually chooses one person or a couple for this prestigious annual award in our county to honor and say "Thank You" to volunteers.      

This year after discussion it was noted that we ought to recognizethe men and women who serve on the Kiowa County Fair Board. We know that some of these men and women have spent countless hours in past years to plan and organize the Kiowa County Fair which has grown to five days! They normally meet once a month but this year since there are some newer members, they usually meet two times a month.

Most of these members have one or two other day jobs, yet they give time to go to meetingsand fairs in other towns to glean ideas. They research, make phone calls; search the internet for ideasand prices to fit their meager budget to make the Kiowa County Fair memorable each year not only for Kiowa Countians but other visitors who come from many communities across this state and from other states to the Kiowa CountyFair.

Some of the members serve in specialareas for the fair organization.

The Chamber of Commerce gives the tip of the hat in 2018 to Bart Michael,President, TearleLessenden, Areta Blooding-Laird, Scotty Englehardt, VicePresident, BobbySinka, Mike Johnson, Secretary, BarbScranton, A.J.McCracken, and A.J.Bolin.                   

We commend these men and women who work with the      Commissioners and various departments of the Fair organization. to make the Kiowa County Fair anditsRodeos, Barbeque, Parade, Exhibits, Car Show, and special eventsreallyoutstanding.                   



  • Tearle Lessenden, Scotty Englehardt, Mike Johnson

Horse Races: 

  • Bart Micheal and A. J. McCracken 

Auto Show:

  • J.McCracken and wife Cierra


  • Barb Scranton and husband, Jeff

Entrance Gates:

  • Bobby Sinka

Community Building-Exhibits

  • Areta Blooding-Laird

Beer Gardenor/and other duties

  • J. Bolin