PICT Government Building Cheyenne County Colorado Courthouse

Cheyenne County government payments - July 2022

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session the 14th day of July and the 1st day of August, 2022 with the following present:
Ronald R. Smith, ChairmanMarcy Brossman, County Administrator 
Darin C. Dickey, Commissioner
R. J. Jolly, Commissioner
Patricia A. Daugherty, Clerk to Board
Amanda L. BrownProfessional Services70.00
Colorado Energy SystemsGenerator Annual Servicing1,500.00
Gaila MitchekSupplies155.45
GAPFair Board117.00
Petersen Smith Hardware Inc.Supplies678.02
Cheyenne Wells GroceryMeeting Expense43.87
Kit Carson County2nd Half Staff Expense60,000.00
Postmaster – Cheyenne WellsClerk Postage72.00
Postmaster – Wild HorseTreasurer Postage120.00
Rebeltec Communications Inc.Internet134.99
Regalia Manufacturing Co.Fair Queen incoming royalty66.57
Saul’s Creek EngineeringAssessor TCR Access50.00
Zac BakleyFair Awards54.57
Amber ComerFair Judge and Mileage117.96
Addison EngelbrechtFair Premium33.00
Alicia JamesFair Judge225.00
Andrew WilliamsFair Judge40.00
Allyssa GekelerFair Premium44.00
AFLACCancer Ins.826.87
Blanca HendricksonMeals for Judges and Volunteers197.00
Black Hills EnergyNatural Gas308.47
Boy Scout Troop 44Meals for Judges and Volunteers70.00
Curt ConnelleyElection Judge90.00
State of Colorado/DPA AccountingJuly & August Renewals232.55
County Health PoolHealth Ins.39,249.65
D-Brands Markets & MoreVIP Tent Expense1,522.56
David CrosslandFair Judge175.00
Debra TurnerElection Judge90.00
East Central COG3rd Quarter Pay2,500.00
County TreasurerWithholding Taxes24,100.30
First National Bank of OmahaMeals, Lodging, Supplies & Postage2,988.61
Gayla Dowen
Gaila Mitchek, Co. Treasurer Assigned by:
Fair Judge and Mileage92.92
Garry Moore AmusementCarnival15,020.00
Java’s SmokinExpense3,600.00
Krystal EikenbergFair Judge and Mileage96.12
Kendra PalmerFair Premiums105.00
Kansas Payment CenterGarnishment391.00
Leandra MelgozaFair Judge40.00
Linda YoderFair Judge and Mileage98.80
Range LedgerJune Publishing358.91
Marcy BrossmanFair Premiums47.00
Marilyn GentzFair Judge and Mileage97.12
Marlena GriesseFair Judge and Mileage158.28
Michelle NeibertElection Judge60.00
Michelle NelsonFair Judge and Mileage135.44
Michelle RobinsFair Judge and Mileage186.00
Monica WendtFair Premiums60.00
Makayla BrossmanFair Premiums44.00
Patricia DaughertySupplies52.47
Patricia PattonFair Judge and Mileage93.00
Perry BrewerFair Judge and Mileage138.22
Plains Heating & Air Conditioning
Gaila Mitchek, Co. Treasurer Assigned by:
Air Conditioner Repairs Fairgrounds430.00
Professional Rodeo Cowboys AssnPRCA WPRA Purse2,200.00
Gaila Mitchek, Co. Treasurer Assigned by:
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn
Rodeo Judges Fees1,200.00
Prowers County SheriffJune Housing250.00
Quill LLCSupplies101.75
Raymond PalmerFair Premiums38.00
Regalia Manufacturing Co.Fair Rosettes111.81
Rfarmer LLC2021 Audit13,842.00
Rich’s ElectricRepairs1,195.78
Susan CorlissFair Judge and Mileage93.60
Sherry JonesFair Premiums42.00
Shaylee SchelerFair Premiums32.00
Shaun SpangleContract Labor250.00
Scott StinnettFair Judge40.00
County Sheriffs of ColoradoRegistration100.00
Tawni CombsFair Judge40.00
Trinity EngelbrechtFair Premiums53.00
Tiana GarciaFair Judge60.00
Tearle LessendenFair Judge and Mileage100.00
Travis TaylorFair Judge40.00
Cheyenne County TreasurerFair Premium Cash890.00
UniFirst Corp.Supplies35.24
Vicki AllenElection Judge60.00
Victoria E. NestorFair Supplies, Postage etc.109.99
Verizon WirelessPhone271.21
Viaero WirelessSheriff Mobile Broadband291.99
Westphal & AssociatesContract630.00
Williamson Lowery Fredregill Ltd.June Legal1,767.62
Angie WeedContract Labor500.00
Bledsoe Mobile Vet LLCFair Vet1,060.80
C & K Oil Inc.Fuel & Repairs1,893.90
Curt ConnelleyRecount Judge100.00
Cory WallPRCA Fair Manager2,000.00
Town of Cheyenne WellsWater1,060.34
Cheyenne Wells LumberRepairs2,818.63
Debra TurnerRecount Judge100.00
District AttorneyAugust Salaries & Exp.3,525.09
Gabri LeoneFair Livestock Judge550.00
Petersen Smith HardwareJuly Supplies1,248.02
Keefe Memorial HospitalMedical153.03
Cheyenne Wells GroceryCommunity Relations & BBQ Expense6,611.86
J & S Farms LLCFair Parade Carriage350.00
J R Oilfield Service LLCRepairs93.94
John Deere FinancialRepairs599.28
Karen RobertsRecount Judge100.00
Kara UhlandContract Labor500.00
K C Electric AssnElectricity4,892.54
Kent ElectricBldg. Repairs7,049.95
Perry BrewerJuly Contract960.00
Pat DaughertyJudges Meals60.00
Richard GekelerContract Labor500.00
Rebeltec Communications LLCInternet1,127.39
Cheyenne Wells Recreation Assn2022 Donation Lights1,500.00
Red’s Auto PartsSupplies & Repairs60.42
Ricoh USA Inc.Contracts163.35
Saul’s Creek EngineeringRenewal50.00
Tracey WeeksRecount Judge100.00
Trail In MotelFair PRCA Rodeo Personnel Rooms2,250.00
UniFirst Corp.Supplies24.59
Wagner Equipment Co.Repairs2,404.32
WEX BankFuel1,618.31
Wildcat Drilling & Supply LLCSupplies38.00
Williamson Lowery Fredregill LtdJuly Legal99.00
Amanda L. BrownDIST. #1,2,3
Professional Services
Colorado Natural Gas Inc.Natural Gas28.44
Petersen Smith Hardware Inc.Supplies28.96
UniFirst Corp.Supplies73.16
21st Century Equipment LLCDist. #3 Tractor98,200.00
AFLACCancer Ins.992.81
Arapahoe Water Co.2022 1st Half Water292.00
Black Hills EnergyNatural Gas70.87
County Health PoolHealth Ins.8,322.93
County TreasurerWithholding Taxes11,063.65
First National Bank of OmahaMeals76.32
Kansas Payment CenterGarnishment200.00
Overhead Door of NW KansasDoor Repairs437.85
Rfarmer LLC2021 Audit4,943.00
Cheyenne County TreasurerQuarters20.00
Verizon WirelessPhones118.85
Wrench Wizard LLCRepairs1,129.68
C & K Oil Inc.Fuel, Repairs & Tires11,288.98
Colorado Natural GasNatural Gas28.44
Cheyenne Wells LumberSupplies79.12
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone AssnPhone47.41
Cheyenne Wells GrocerySupplies64.51
John Deere FinancialRepairs3,566.20
J & S Contractors Supply Co.Supplies359.04
K C Electric AssnElectricity512.26
KICT LLCAnnual Gravel Pit Landowner Dues1,215.00
Mark and Jacqueline AckermanAnnual Gravel Pit Landowner Dues1,788.00
Rebeltec Communications LLCInternet209.85
Red’s Auto PartsRepairs & Oil600.97
Shirley Rother BomhoffAnnual Gravel Pit Landowner Dues765.00
Wagner Equipment Co.Oil868.05
WEX BankFuel788.86
Wildcat Drilling & Supply LLCSupplies & Repairs73.62
Airgas USA LLCOxygen234.11
Black Hills EnergyNatural Gas44.11
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone AssnJune Phone41.52
County TreasurerWithholding Taxes471.12
First National Bank of OmahaRenewals27.49
Keefe Memorial HospitalSupplies100.47
Rebeltec Communications LLCJune & July Internet160.00
Rfarmer LLC2021 Audit198.00
Airgas USA LLCOxygen422.79
C & K Oil Inc.Fuel71.56
Colorado Natural Gas2 Months Natural Gas66.02
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone AssnTelephone43.68
Keefe Memorial HospitalJuly Ambulance Services700.00
Keefe Memorial HospitalSupplies112.00
K C Electric AssnElectricity229.16
WEX BankFuel683.70
Cheyenne CountyRETAC
County Health PoolHealth Ins.1,489.57
County TreasurerWithholding Taxes1,746.32
First National Bank of OmahaMeals & Registrations594.76
Rfarmer LLC2021 Audit198.00
Verizon WirelessPhone104.02
WEX BankFuel546.54
Cheyenne County AmbulanceReimbursement419.02
Cheyenne CountyMileage455.72
Colo. Dept. Public Health & EnvironmentMay Birth & Death Records & Paper253.65
Cheyenne Wells GrocerySupplies170.16
Kit Carson ChamberRent40.00
McKesson Medical – SurgicalSupplies68.15
Meetings Northwest Inc.Meeting Exp.597.00
Merck Sharp & Dohme LLCVaccine643.34
Rebeltec Communications LLCInternet59.40
Sanofi Pasteur Inc.Vaccine512.87
Autumn PeltonMileage & Meals83.98
AFLACCancer Ins.512.24
Church AliveCTC Rent & Incentives381.50
Colo. Dept. of Public Health & EnvironmentJune Death Certificates30.00
County Health PoolHealth Ins.5,790.50
Cheyenne Wells PoolCTC Family Fun Night240.00
Cheyenne County Tumbleweed FairRent10.00
County TreasurerWithholding Taxes2,847.38
First National Bank of OmahaSupplies & Registration806.63
Glaxosmithkline PharmaceuticalsVaccine977.09
Range LedgerJune Publishing246.43
Rfarmer LLC2021 Audit396.00
Ricoh USA Inc.Contract43.65
Silver BeadGift Cards225.00
Cheyenne Wells GroceryCTC Meetings81.88
The following amount reflects Cheyenne County's share of the Human Services expenses for the month of July 2022: SALARIES         $24,510.21
AFLACEmployee Supplemental Insurance July$99.76
Cheyenne County TreasurerWithholdings$4,897.83
County Health PoolEmployee Insurance Premium$3,266.96
Cheyenne County TreasurerAdmin - Office Rent July 2022$1,115.01
Verizon WirelessAdmin - Eligibility Cell Phone$150.90
CenturyLinkAdmin Phone Service$344.48
First National Bank of OmahaAdmin/Child Welfare/Support - Meals, Lodging, Office Supplies$5,081.78
First National Bank of OmahaAdmin/Fingerprint/Conference/Meals,Lodging$493.10
Rebeltec Communications LLCAdmin - Internet Service$89.95
Steerman Law OfficeChild Welfare/Support - Legal Fees July 2022$495.00
CHSDAAdmin- 2022-2023 Membership Dues$686.00
Cheyenne County Public HealthPrinting/Rep, TANF, Admin;Kendra$1,558.84
Axiom HR SolutionsAdmin - Month User Fee$57.00
MGT of America Consulting, LLCAdmin- FY21 Cost Allocation Plan$5,000.00
Sharon MauchCMP Prevention$405.00
Cheyenne County TreasurerJeep Mileage$678.60
USPOAnnual PO Box Fee$90.00
There being no further business the Board adjourned until August 19th, August 31st and September 9th, 2022 unless called by the Chairman.
I, Patricia A. Daugherty, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and complete copy of the Commissioners expenditures of Cheyenne County, Colorado except for salary warrants which are not published pursuant to C.R.S. 30-25-111 amended, as of record in this office.
Patricia A. Daugherty, Clerk to Board
Published August 26, 2022 In the Kiowa County Press