PROMO 660 x 440 Animal - Pronghorn Antelope Close Up Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge - USFWS - Tom Koerner - public domain

Colorado Parks seeking comments San Luis Valley pronghorn management plans

Closeup of two pronghorn antelope at the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. Courtesy USFWS/Tom Koerner.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking input from the public on the proposed management Plans for pronghorn in the San Luis Valley.

Big-game management plans are updated every 10 years. CPW is proposing no change in management of pronghorn in the San Luis Valley. CPW, however, would like to hear comments from hunters, ranchers and the general public.

CPW estimates the total population of pronghorns in the valley at about 2,300 -- 1,400 in the northern herd (PH-14) and 900 in the southern herd (PH-16). Approximately 275 pronghorn hunting licenses are distributed annually. The pronghorn hunting seasons run from mid-August to mid-October.

The plans can be viewed on-line at:

Comments on the plan should be sent to Brent Frankland, terrestrial wildlife biologist for the San Luis Valley at:; or sent by mail to him at the CPW office, 0722 S Road 1 East, Monte Vista, CO, 81144.

The deadline to submit comments is October 16.