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Colorado Secretary of State certifies November election results

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Derek Draplin

(The Center Square) – Colorado’s November election results are now official, the secretary of state’s office announced Monday.

The November 7 election had 43.23 percent turnout, or 1,699,232 participating voters out of 3,931,005 total active voters, according to the state’s certification. Among voters in the election, 98.7 percent cast mail ballots and 1.3 percent voted in person.

“The 2023 Coordinated Election was another successful election in Colorado. I am proud of our State’s elections,” Secretary of State Jena Griswold said in a statement. “I commend the county election officials, election workers, and the employees of the Department of State for their hard work and dedication to delivering great elections for Colorado voters.”

Griswold’s office conducted a bipartisan risk-limiting audit following the election to ensure it was “safe, secure and accurate.”

In the election, 59.31 percent of Colorado voters rejected Proposition HH, the measure that sought to lower property tax assessment rates and pay for lost revenue with Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights funds.

Voters passed another statewide measure, Proposition II, with 67.53 percent support. The measure allows the state to retain $23.65 million in excess tax revenue raised from tobacco and nicotine taxes to fund preschool education.