A Day in the Life

Michelle Wyckoff - Community Columnist
Published Wednesday, August 10, 2016

By Michelle Wyckoff

Remote Area.  Described by Google as "a remote and isolated community that is either a long distance from highly populated settlements or lacking in transportation links that are typical in more populated areas."  Described by me as Arlington, Colorado.

Awhile back, my washing machine took a notion to have some kind of fit and run water out the bottom onto the utility room floor.  I, being one who rarely makes decisions that aren't on the fly,  promptly decided to replace the old one with a new one.  I sent the old one away, but every time I looked at my dryer, I could tell it longed for it's old partner.  So I sent it to the same place and ordered a new dryer to match my new washer.  Trust me when I say it was time.

I ordered a matching set on July 12th, because of free shipping.  Imagine my surprise when the dryer came around July 18th!  Somewhere around the 20th of July, I got a call from the shipping company telling me my washer is in Commerce City, and they won't  bring it any further because I live in such a "remote" area.  Imagine their surprise when they finally figured out where I live!

Oh well.  I'll just drive to The Springs and pick one up at my expense. Who knows what else I can find while I'm there...new shoes--and Starbucks!  At any rate, I plan to be doing laundry again by the end of the week!  Oh joy.....

May you be living the good life, Dorie Musgrave!