Eads Board of Trustees meeting minutes - August 13, 2019

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Published Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Regular Meeting of the Town of Eads Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Shields, Monday August 13, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. Town Clerk, Robin Fox, took roll call:

Mayor - Joe D. Shields- present

Trustees - Present -Meghan Buck, Terry Riley, Dennis Pearson, and Lisa Trigilio

Absent - Kathy McCrackenand Justin McLoud

Town Clerk- Robin Fox -Present

Assistant Clerk- Shealynn McCracken-Present

Director of Public Works- Van Brown- Absent

Audiences/Public Comment Period-Jason Lenox and Gavin Lyon were present as audience members.

Minutes- Lisa Trigilio moved to approve the minutes from the July 9, 2019 meeting and the July 15, 2019 special meeting. Meghan Buck seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Approval of Bills - The finance committee reviewed the bills prior to the meeting. Terry Riley moved to approve payment of the bills. Dennis Pearson seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Old Business:

Railroad Crossings- The Town Clerk informed the board that the town attorney wrote a letter back to the state about the concerns the town board has about the crossings. 

New Business: 

Sylvia Shields- Sylvia was moved to the end of the meeting due to conflict of interest.  

Whitney Barnett & Jessica Hyman- Whitney Barnett was not able to make the meeting but Jessica Hyman was present. Jessica was present to discuss concerns about the white fence at the Maine Street Park. She explained how she was a part of a group for maltreatment and safety for children, and the group didn't feel that the white fence was safe for children. They were concerned about children slipping through the fence and running into the truck traffic at Bartlett. They were also concerned about the railroad tracks with the railroad starting up again. The board discussed and decided that they would look into what fence is allowed by the state to be put up. Jessica also requested if it was possible to put up a designated crosswalk to get over to the park. The board agreed that they would talk to the Director of Public Works and see if that could get done.

Betsy Barnett- Betsy Barnett was present to update the board about the progress that is happening with the theater.

Cardboard Recycle- The board decided to table this matter until next meeting since the Director of Public Works was not present to discuss it.   

Bring Up Items- 

Weed Letters- Dennis Pearson brought up weed letters and wanted to know if there were weed letters getting sent out. The Town Clerk let Dennis know that the Director of Public Works and herself plan on sending out more letters soon. 

Sylvia Shields- Mayor Joe Shields left the meeting at 5:45pm because of conflict of interest. Sylvia Shields was present to inform the board about the storage building they had put up. They plan on putting up 8 storage units but have a problem accessing their lot. They wanted to request that France Street be completed so they would have access. The board decided to table this matter until next meeting when the Director of Public Works was present to discuss.  

Lien on Property- The Mayor informed the board about the discussion he had with the Kiowa County Treasurer in regards to the property at South Slater that the town has a lien on. The Kiowa County Treasurer provided how much property tax and fines need to be paid by the town to stop the amount from increasing due to the interest rate. Once the town paid the amount, the town would receive a reimbursement check back since it is the town's lien. Terry Riley moved to pay the property tax and fines on the property, Lisa Trigilio seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Joe D. Shields, Mayor


Shealynn McCracken, Assistant Town Clerk

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