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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Saturday, February 6, 2016
Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

by Sharon Scott

How about them BRONCO'S??  I hear that it is a given that they will win on Sunday because they are wearing their white uniforms and " White Broncos in California are hard to catch!!"     

Denis and Theresa Weber traveled to Brush, Co last weekend to visit with his sister, Leona Blackwelder.  Then they ventured on up to Greeley to see their granddaughter Nicole Cochran.  The visiting was good, but the trip home on Monday had lots of bad roads.  Glad you made it safely.     

Connie Weber and her brother Jerry attended the Ordination to the priest hood for Deacon Henry Wertin on Friday evening at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Pueblo.  Father Henry will celebrate his first mass in Lamar this Sunday.  Congratulations to Father Henry on becoming a priest.     

Last Saturday, Cora Coffman helped her great granddaughter, Kadence, celebrate her 4th birthday at a party at her parents, Anthony and Erica Kern's home in Cheyenne Wells.  Happy Birthday Kadence!!     

Last Thursday, Susan Greenfield sponsored seven high school students and two guests on a trip to Lamar for pizza and bowling.

Grandma Cheri Hopkins and Aunt Christy Hopkins attended the 2nd birthday party for Lincoln Hopkins at his home on Friday.  Happy Birthday Lincoln!!

On Sunday, Evan and Jen Hopkins and children will host a Bronco Party.  Guests will be:  Cheri and Christy Hopkins; Eric, Andrea, Kimber and Kaitlind Lobmyer; and Steve, Jo and Will Lobmyer.  GO BRONCOS!!

A week ago Saturday, Monte and Linda Stum; Linly and Sherell Stum; Misty and Anna Harkness; Kirbi and Shay Stum and children; Chris and Jen Stum and children; and Katelyn Stum traveled to Rocky Ford to help Noelle Janes celebrate her 5th birthday at the home of her parents, Chris and Kami Janes.  Happy Birthday Noe!!

Cauy Stum, son of Jay and Tara Stum had lots of family and classmates help him celebrate his 12th birthday on Saturday at his home.  Happy Birthday Cauy!!

I would like to invite everyone to an Open House for Mary Huddleston on February 21, 2016 from 2-4p.m. to help her celebrate her 94th birthday.  It will be held at the home of Dick and Sharon Scott at 13770 C.R. 78.5 - Towner.  No gifts, please!


     That's it for this week.  Hopefully I can contact more people next week.