East End Events

Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, July 3, 2018
by Sharon Scott

GREAT NEWS!! Jerry Weber is finally coming home this Tuesday. Welcome Home Jerry.

The 4th of July activities at Sheridan Lake have been cancelled due to the dry conditions. May try to have them over the Labor Day weekend. Will keep you informed.

Sheridan Lake and Plainview school lost their electricity due to straight line winds that hit Friday evening and took out around 40 poles. Southeast Colorado Power did a great job of getting electricity back to most everyone by Saturday evening.

We arrived back home Monday evening from New Jersey. We had a great time visiting and sightseeing. Our grandson, Parker's, graduation was like attending a college event. There were around 900 students graduating that day. It was all done in about an hour and a half.  Parker will be coming to C.S.U. for college in the fall. Our trip held many first-time events for our grandson Kyle. It was his first plane ride; being in Illinois; New York; Pennsylvania; and New Jersey. Going to the "Top of the Rock" to view N.Y. city at night; seeing Times Square; the new Freedom Tower; the Liberty Bell; Valley Forge and playing in the ocean. Kind of a letdown to come home to chores, weeding and lots of mowing.

Weekend before last, Larry and Judy Tuttle; Denis, Theresa and Connie Weber; Merle Shalberg and Larry and Barb Gitchell had supper at the Mission in Lamar.

A week ago Sunday, Sean and Misty Harkness hosted a birthday party at the Towner Community Hall for their daughter, Anna's, 8th birthday and son, Gideon's, 2nd birthday. Lots of family and friends attended. Happy Birthday Anna and Gideon!

This past weekend, family and friends enjoyed a birthday party at the home of Chris and Jen Stum for their son, Josiah's, 9th birthday. Happy Birthday Josiah.

Mike Hopkins son, Avery; Terry Hofmeister and Robert Hopkins are here to help Evan Hopkins with the wheat harvest.

I would like to wish Susan Greenfield a very happy birthday today, Sunday! Her dad, Norm, came for the weekend to help her celebrate her birthday.

Harvest is in full swing. Have heard everything from 20-60-bushel averages. That's not too bad considering the dry year we've had. The rains last weekend slowed down harvest but was very good for the fall crops growing.

Hope everyone has a safe and bountiful harvest. See you next week!!