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Published Monday, November 12, 2018
by Sharon Scott

Well, the big election has come and gone and there are happy faces and not so happy faces. Congratulations to all the newly elected officials. Here's hoping we have a great year(s) ahead of us.

Sunday was Veteran's Day, and we wish all of them the very best. Our world is a better place because of all the men and women who have served their countries over the years.

Evan Hopkins; Steve and Eric Lobmeyer; and Taylor Ree enjoyed the opening weekend of pheasant season. That evening Will Lobmeyer and Andrea Lobmeyer joined the hunters for supper at the home of Evan and Jen Hopkins.

Burl and Cathy Scherler and Freda Schmidt attended the National WIFE Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this past week. Burl received the prestigious honor of being chosen as an Honorary WIFE member on the National level. Congratulations Burl!

Susan Greenfield and Cora Coffman went to Garden City, Kansas, Friday before last to do some shopping. Cora's cousin, Risa, joined them for lunch and some visiting.

Congratulations to the Plainview High School Knowledge Bowl team on their first place win at Cheraw last Friday. Team members were Benje Davis, Kyle Scott, Olivia Specht and Kayla Wanderlingh. They are coached by Ruth Fees.

All of our children and grandchildren will be here for Thanksgiving. We are celebrating Christmas that weekend as no one can come at Christmas time this year. They wanted to know if we would have all our lights up for them to see by the weekend. So, Dick, Kyle and I have been hard at it putting up the outside lights. The snow brought our project to a halt Sunday, but we hope for warmer weather again next weekend so we can finish the job.

Upcoming events this week are the Junior High and High School lock in Friday evening to Saturday morning at Plainview. There is a Junior High basketball game here Monday with Karval. High School basketball practice starts this week with their first game being November 30. School is out November 21 for Thanksgiving break. November 29 is picture retakes and winter sports pictures. December 1 is the Plainview Community Club craft show and dinner.

Have a great week and enjoy the snow!

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