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Election results: Kiowa County compared to Colorado

Representative to the 116th United States Congress - District 4Kiowa CountyState  
Karen McCormick96111,339  
Ken Buck669181,670  
Governor / Lieutenant Governor931,000,048  
Jared Polis / Dianne Primavera637871,682  
Walker Stapleton / Lang Sias1318,520  
Bill Hammons / Eric Bodenstab2248,249  
Scott Helker / Michaele Poague   
Secretary of State    
Wayne Williams614897,239  
Jena Griswold124975,278  
Amanda Campbell1535,935  
Blake Huber38,748  
State Treasurer    
Brian Watson632892,969  
Dave Young104963,124  
Gerald F. Kilpatrick1748,650  
Attorney General    
Phil Weiser106952,353  
George Brachler631910,576  
William F. Robinson III1654,556  
State Board of Education Member Congressional District 4 
Tim Krug88106,601  
Debora L. Scheffel633176,202  
Regent of the University of Colorado At Large  
Lesley Smith87927,013  
Ken Montera589836,615  
Christopher E. Otwell1120,608  
James K. Treibert1763,544  
State Representative District 64   
Kimmi Lewis66925,546  
Teri Nilson Baird898,421  
County Commissioner District 2    
Howard “Butch” Robertson423   
Cynthia Anne McLoud354   
County Clerk and Recorder    
Delisa L. Weeks729   
County Treasurer    
Diane Pearcey Flory463   
Kayla Murdock306   
County Assessor    
Marci J. Miller703   
County Sheriff    
Casey Sheridan647   
County Surveyor    
(no candidates)-   
County Coroner    
Jimmy R. Brown667   
Judicial Retention QuestionsYES Kiowa CountyState YesNO Kiowa CountyState No
Colorado Supreme Court Justice   
Richard L. Gabriel3671,162,687235399,737
Colorado Court of Appeals Judge   
John Daniel Dailey4021,156,133194398,258
Rebecca Rankin Freyre3611,162,130236394,043
Elizabeth L. Harris318977,128277575,905
David J. Richman3541,128,900239414,411
District Court Judge - 15th Judicial District        
Michael Davidson4494,8031971,700
Kiowa County Court Judge    
Gary W. Davis629 113 
Ballot MeasuresYES Kiowa CountyState YesNO Kiowa CountyState No
Amendment V148660,3265851,231,448
Amendment W281965,317434846,924
Amendment X3991,098,353302711,140
Amendment Y4231,320,078303533,742
Amendment Z4251,300,912305536,105
Amendment A2591,208,519457651,062
Amendment 73177839,0435611,045,222
Amendment 74452876,4652851,012,807
Amendment 75214623,8015141,220,646
Proposition 109260724,2484711,146,717
Proposition 110217757,8455201,122,590
Proposition 1114031,427,204312433,497
Proposition 112119827,1526361,085,656
Kiowa County Issue 1A633 180 
Kiowa County Ballot Question 1B612 169