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About Town – March 4, 2019

Doris Lessenden

2 Chronicles 20: 21 “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever. “

Last week, our county received more snow than we have had for years, like about eight inches. Here in town, many cars were surrounded on all four sides with snow, there were drifts from some wind, but much of the snow fell softly and beautifully on the pines and trees. The big problem was getting dug out. The Town of Eads workers (Van Brown, Jesse Dienes, Paul Kelley and Trent Rittgers) plus other men with skid loaders and blades on their trucks worked many hours all week. There is still more to do. I am so grateful to Vinton Englehardt, Tim Sawyer, and Virgil A. Lessenden for moving a lot of snow for me and others. I saw Marty Barnett using his skid loader blade to clear clogged curbs on the west side of Maine. We are so blessed to have this snow!

Through the years some of us have attended nearly every one of the special speakers that the Sand Creek National Historic Site employees arranged to speak at the Plains Theatre. Last Thursday evening, Arapaho artist and educator Eugene Ridgely, Jr,. spoke to a good-sized audience. He showed the story about his community and tribe in videos of the school where he teaches. This was one of the best and most colorful presentations that we have seen. His Indian name is “Powerful Eagle.” He was born on the Wind River Reservation near Riverton and Lander, Wyoming. Host, Park Ranger Shawn Gillette, stated that there will be more speakers in the near future. 

The Eads Lady Eagle team played Friday in La Junta in the regional basketball tournament. Coach Trey Eder, assisted by Justin McLoud, has coached the following young ladies through a this season: Kaylee Wilson Lauren Spady, Emily Gyurman, Hadlee Rittgers, Reagen Johnson, Morgyn Johnson, Ally Spady, Rhalie Rittgers, Kyra Sheridan, Kya Leonard, Cynthia Watson and Crystal Watson. Eagle fans do thank the local sponsors who had paid for advertising on radio stations so they can listen to the school games and matches.

Pam (Brown) Weirich was surprised and honored by her family and friends with such a lovely evening 60th birthday party Friday evening. The staff served carrot cake and ice cream at the Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. Pam is the much loved and highly respected Administrator.

Five-year-old Miranda Keplar told me that she had 10 inches of her pretty red hair cut off by local beautician, Tracy Smith. Her mother, Nicole (Chris) Keplar is sending the locks of hair to the “Children with Hair Loss,” which she says is a good program.

Ken and Diana Flory were gone most of the weekend to Denver to attend the funeral of his mother, and to be with his father and family. Our community extends our sympathy to this dear couple, who have spent many weekends the last two years helping his parents in Denver and visiting Diana’s mother, Dora Pearcey, in Winsor.

Leonard Sniff died last week. He was a rancher for many years mostly in Kiowa and Prowers Counties. Recently he has lived at Prairie Pines, where he especially liked to talk about ranching stories and his love of horses. Our sympathy goes to his families.

The new Administrative Assistant at the Colorado State University Extension Office in Eads is Chrystal Eikenberg. She conferred with some ladies who had worked with exhibits at the Kiowa County Fair. They had suggestions to add or subtract from the premium book. She and the Commissioners and Fair Board are hopeful to have the exhibit book printed in April. The fair will be September 11-15.

The Cobblestone Inn has certainly become a nice party place. Recently, there have been two birthday parties for children there. Another venue where some parents host parties for their children is at the Plains Theater for a movie and treats. Some people may not be aware that one can buy a nice evening meal in the Cobblestone Inn. I really like their thick Breckenridge pizzas.

Nearly every week, I want to write about the “kind people.” I haven’t because there are so many dear and kindly people in our town and in our county that I don’t want to leave someone out. However, I really do want to acknowledge three business women who go above and beyond in caring and kindness to patrons and special friends of mine, Bud and Dixie (Weber) Bennett. Those ladies are Bev Lyon and Jennifer Crow at Stop and Shop Grocery, and Teri Ellis in the HealthMart. Thank you!

People who are interested in learning the Hebrew language and customs of Jewish people are invited to Hebrew classes taught by Liz Hulteen on the next six Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in my home.

March 22-24 are dates of the movie, “Run the Race,” which is a movie directed by Tim Tebow based on relationships between two brothers, sports, coaches, a father, a nanny and teenage happenings that families and individuals may enjoy. Maybe one would want to circle their calendar to see this movie. And other highly favored documentary type film is “Oceans of Grass” March 24 and 25.