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Exploring the Basics of Gut Health

Abby Weber CSU Extension Agent FCS/4-H Youth Development


True/False: the human body harbors more bacterial cells vs. human cells?

Where do most of the bacteria in our gut live?

  • Mouth
  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine

True/False: all probiotics are the same?

When do we first begin to develop the bacterial make-up of our guts?

  • In the womb
  • At birth
  • At 1 day old
  • At 1 month old

Our poor guts, forgotten and overlooked for years as an important site for maintaining health.  We only cared when it was upset, growled to let us know it needed food, or gave us one of those “gut feelings.” Alas, times have changed! Gut health is now one of the most popular research and consumer health trends.  According to Google Trends, Coloradans are in the Top 10 for searches focusing on gut bacteria, probiotics/prebiotics, and fermented foods.  But, to get the right information can be overwhelming.  Performing a Google search on gut health returned 143 million results! Would you like to learn more about your gut and how it affects your health? Colorado State University Extension has created a free seminar focusing on exploring gut health. Delivered by your local Extension agent, this seminar may help to answer your questions on a range of topics from supporting gut health to probiotics, providing reliable research based information. Additionally, there will be an interactive activity to help you learn specifics on the benefits of yogurt.  After attending the seminar, you will have a deeper appreciation for the important role our guts play in keeping us healthy.  Realizing it’s not just human cells hard at work, but billions of bacteria spread throughout our digestive tract.  I’ve got a gut feeling you should attend.

The seminar will be held March 29, 2018, beginning at 5:00 pm, at the Bent County Community Center, Las Animas, CO.  For more information: Bent County Extension 719-456-0764 Abby Weber