Facts You Didn’t Know About Wind Turbines

Facts You Didn’t Know About Wind Turbines

Feature Staff

Wind turbines are an integral part of alternative energy around the world. However, many people have never seen a wind turbine in action, and they don’t understand their inner workings. If you’re curious about general wind turbine information, here are some facts you didn’t know about wind turbines.

How Big They Are

You may have seen a wind turbine from a great distance before, but you might not realize just how large they are up close. Wind turbine towers average at about 300 feet tall with wind blades that average 150 feet long. To give you a sense of scale, these massive machines are on par with the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

What They’re Made Of

Due to the large height and size of wind turbines, you should know engineers must design these structures with strength and endurance in mind. Many turbines are made of steel because it’s strong and durable.

The electrical components inside the turbines are also extremely important. Electrical insulating components are used inside wind turbines to help technicians monitor and protect the energy and electrical flow.

Where They’re Made

Now that you know about the materials wind turbines are made of, let’s review where they are made. You may be surprised to know that most of the components of United States-based wind turbines are manufactured in the same country. Wind energy employs many United States companies to manufacture and in the operation of turbine parts. You can find facilities dedicated to wind power and turbine manufacturing in over 40 of the United States.

Wind Turbine Advancements

Wind power is improving and advancing; increasing amounts of the energy we use in the United States comes from wind power every year. We can expect to see 20 percent of our overall energy coming from wind power in the next decade. Engineers are building taller wind turbines to reach higher winds and generate more electricity—and there is still room for improvement!

Wind turbines have the potential to become a major source of energy in the United States and around the world. The next time you see a wind turbine on your travels, think back to these facts you didn’t know about wind turbines and the technological advancements surrounding them.