Fascinating Reasons To Plant a Crape Myrtle Tree

Fascinating Reasons To Plant a Crape Myrtle Tree

Feature Staff

Although there are many different tree varieties to plant in your yard, crape myrtles are one of the most unique and beautiful choices for your property. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find them lining the streets in the southern states. Whether or not you have previous experience caring for trees, check out these fascinating reasons to plant a crape myrtle tree.

They’re Relatively Low-Maintenance

One of the primary reasons to choose a crape myrtle is that they’re relatively low-maintenance and easy to care for on a daily basis. They prefer full sun exposure, adequate watering, and ideal soil conditions, but they don’t require much daily care to grow and thrive. Once you know the best time to plant a crape myrtle, you’ll be ready to enjoy these beautiful trees without much hassle.

They’re Resistant to Drought and Heat

Although watering is extremely important to newly planted trees, mature crape myrtles are decently resistant to drought and heat. As a result, they’re the perfect option for warmer climates that may experience extended periods without substantial rainfall. However, you should provide supplemental watering if you notice the soil around the tree’s base is dry.

Crape Myrtles Are Incredibly Beautiful

Lastly, crape myrtles are incredibly beautiful, and they add a touch of stunning color to your property. Crape myrtles are small enough to work as a single accent tree, but you can also plant them in clusters to create flowery privacy hedges. These trees come in colors such as white, red, pink, and lavender, and they’re all excellent additions to your yard.

Learning these fascinating reasons to plant a crape myrtle tree is the ultimate way to convince yourself to add one to your property. The gorgeous blossoms are pleasing to the eye, and they emit a light, sweet aroma into the air. Whether you enjoy gardening or just want a pretty tree in your yard, a crape myrtle may be the perfect option for you.