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Slim Randles
Slim Randles

“I hate Labor Day,” said Doc, sucking down yet another cup of coffee at the Mule Barn Coffee Shop.

“Ain’t here yet,” said Dud, reaching for the jelly packets. “Soon though, I guess.”

“Few days,” said Steve. “Doc, what do you have against Labor Day?”

Doc sighed. “I always have to work. I thought someone invented Labor Day so no one would have to work. Labor Day’s about my busiest day of the year!”

“You’re kidding. It’s a national holiday, why would you have to work? People go fishing, go bowhunting, take the family water skiing, Climb mountains. Fun stuff.”

Doc sighed again in case the fellow members of the World Dilemma Think Tank didn’t catch the first sigh.

“So what happens when everybody else doesn’t go to work, but goes out to have fun?” Doc said. He counted on his fingers … “Remove fish hooks from thumbs, set broken arms when someone falls off an alp, patch up car crash victims, treat food poisoning after the teenaged son fixes the sandwiches … you name the fun, someone’s going to make me pay for it.

“That’s not the worst of it, either,” Doc said. “You guys believe in the power of suggestion?”

We just sat there looking stupid.

“I sure do. How many women in this little valley are due to deliver babies in the next month.”

He looked around. “The answer is nine.”

“And since there’s a Labor Day coming up, when do you think they’ll start contractions? That’s right. Some will be early, some have been trying to wait until the time is right. And that would be Labor Day. I hate Labor Day!”

“Sorry, Doc,” said Herb. “I’ll get your breakfast this morning.”

See, somehow national holidays seem to bring out the best in us all.

Brought to you by the American Medical Association, even though they’ve never sponsored us before. But they’re nice.