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Slim Randles
Slim Randles

Mrs. Doc brought them some ice cream, but Doc and Charles weren’t that interested. Charles is Doc’s six-year-old grandson, and both Doc and Mrs. Doc have found it fascinating to view the world, after having been around so many years, through the fresh eyes and wonderment of a youngster.

But turning down ice cream? Doc had to chuckle, because he didn’t even know that was possible. But the remote-controlled toy wouldn’t be denied. As Doc watched, Charles turned switches and pushed buttons and the mysterious machine changed form. It became a monster instead of a race car and walked over to scare the sleeping cat.

When the laughter finally died down, they both agreed it was worth it. Then the monster became a race car once again and shot across the floor and had a head-on collision with the leg of the couch. Charles expertly backed it away.

“You want to drive it a while, Grandpa?”

“No thanks,” Doc said. “I couldn’t drive it as good as you can.”

And Doc knew that was true, even though Doc had been driving a car since the invention of stop signs, and Charles couldn’t do that yet. But Charles, a coming first grader, held power in his hands. Someday he’d be driving a car, and Doc hoped the remote car’s lessons for safety and fun would carry on through the years to come. A guy needs to be in charge every now and then.

For a remote-controlled toy car you can flip, roll, and do other dumb things to, go look at and bring some Tums. The cars ain’t cheap!