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Slim Randles
Slim Randles

There’s just something about falling in love in November, thought Steve. Something … timely. Something … special. Steve’s incredible shaving-brush-like moustache is gray now. It’s lasted a long time, there at the ranch and up at Steve’s cabin, and it deserves to be such an elegant gray.

Falling in love, Steve said to himself, just couldn’t be all that terrific. November … the Native American’s hunger moon. The month of storms and danger, when smart outdoorsmen practiced being even smarter indoorsmen.

But Steve always thought there was a slice of flavor inside a November romance because of the month’s hardships. Some of the longest lasting and happiest marriages began with a November romance. He silently recited several November bondings that appeared to be happily headed for eternity.

Women are truly wonderful, even in November. They’re soft and warm and cuddly. If a guy finds himself in need of a snuggle, a woman is at the top of the list.

Oh, a dog is okay, he thought. But a woman … when it works right … is the best.

Maybe someday, Steve thought. Have to think about that kinda hard this winter.’

After November. Nothing serious should be planned in November.

Unless, of course, the right woman should come along ……

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