Kiowa County 4-H Exhibit Day Champions

PROMO 660 x 440 Miscellaneious - 4-H 4H Stamp - iStock - KenWiedemann
Published Monday, August 13, 2018
by Karen Jones

Clothing Construction 

CHAMPION Zoie Arnold Kraft Artistic Clothing 

RESERVE CHAMPION Peyton Eder Clothing 101

Heritage Arts

CHAMPION Molly Stolzenberger Unit 3 Quilting

RESERVE CHAMPION Clayton Nelson Needle Arts Unit 3

Cake Decorating

CHAMPION Katherine Trosper Cake Decorating Unit 4

RESERVE CHAMPION Addison Courkamp Cake decorating Unit 1

Food & Nutrition

CHAMPION Hallee Trosper Cooking 201, Unit 2

RESERVE CHAMPION Peyton Eder Cooking 101 Unit 1

Food Science 

CHAMPION Emily Nelson Unit 42 Food Preservation

RESERVE CHAMPION Alexa Nelson Unit 40 Food Preservation

Mechanical Science

CHAMPION Case Nelson Model Rocketry Unit 4

RESERVE CHAMPION Kindel Hoffman Geology Unit 1


CHAMPION Hatch Nelson Woodworking Unit 4

RESERVE CHAMPION Case Nelson Woodworking Unit 3

Biological Science

CHAMPION Mia Crow Gardening Unit 1

RESERVE CHAMPION Mia Crow Horseless Horse


CHAMPION Morgyn Johnson Leathercraft Unit 5

RESERVE CHAMPION Samantha Courkamp Leathercraft Unit 3

Shooting Sports

CHAMPION Hatch Nelson Senior, Shotgun

RESERVE CHAMPION Brad Musgrave Senior, .22 Rifle

Jr. Fashion Revue

CHAMPION Selena Fehr Clothing Construction Artistic

RESERVE CHAMPION Aspen Nelson Clothing Construction Unit 1

Int. Fashion Revue

CHAMPION Alexa Nelson Clothing Construction Unit 2

RESERVE CHAMPION Aaron Musgrave Clothing Construction Unit 2

Sr. Fashion Revue

CHAMPION Reagen Johnson Clothing Construction Unit 8

In addition to these Champions & Reserve Champions, we will be sending 56 projects to the Colorado State Fair 4-H Competition.