Kiowa County Commissioners meeting minutes - April 28, 2022

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Published Friday, May 13, 2022

The Regular meeting of the Kiowa County Commissioners was called to order on April 28, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Donald Oswald. Oswald opened the meeting with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Those in Attendance:

  • Donald Oswald, Chairman
  • Howard "Butch" Robertson, Commissioner
  • Mike Lening, Commissioner 
  • Delisa Weeks. County Clerk 
  • Tina Adamson, County Administrator

Minutes: Lening moved, and Oswald seconded the motion to approve the April 14, 2022; minutes as presented. Motion carried. 

Vouchers: Lening moved, and Robertson seconded the motion to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried. 

Agenda: Oswald moved, and Lening seconded the motion to approve the amended agenda with two additions. Cobblestone Inn and Suites Liquor License Renewal and Agritech Contract were added to New Business. Motion carried. 


Grant Updates: Cindy McLoud, Coordinator for the Kiowa County Economic Development entered the meeting at 9:10 a.m. to provide an update on the Grants. 

The funding for the Legion Hall was discussed. McLoud reported that $230,000.00 in grant funding will be awarded only if the County agrees to do a matching of funds. Oswald moved, and Robertson seconded the motion to approve the $80,000.00 in matching funds for the remodeling of the Legion Hall. Motion carried. 

C-DOT Grant: McLoud reapplied for the C-DOT Grant for the Towns in Kiowa County. 

RREO Grant- Kiowa County should know by mid-May if this grant was awarded to them. 

McLoud exited the meeting at 10:08 a.m. 

Oswald moved, and Lening seconded the motion to recess the regular meeting and move into the Board of Health Meeting at 10:00 a.m. Motion carried. With no further discussion, Oswald moved and Robertson seconded the motion to adjourn the Board of Health meeting and move back into regular session at 11:12 a.m. Motion carried.

Public Health Assistant Position: Meagan Hillman and Jolynn Idler, Public Health from Prowers County will be included in the interviews Tuesday, along with the BOCC.

Executive Session: Robertson moved, and Lening seconded the motion to move into Executive Session at 11:20 am for Personnel Reasons per Sheriff Frazee, per Statute C.R.S. 24-6-402 4 (f) (I). Lening moved, and Robertson seconded motion to end the executive session at 11:37 a.m. and move back in regular session. Motion carried. 

Oswald moved, and Lening seconded the motion to recess for the lunch. Motion carried at 11:59 a.m. 

The meeting reconvened at 1:00 p.m. 

CTSI Loss Analysis: Jon Wagner, CTSI Senior Analyst entered the meeting at 1:00 p.m. Wagner talked about the recent liability claim and discussed that the max has been met on the policy. The Sheriff's Office coverage now has a $25,000 deductible that the county will be responsible for if something else happens. Wagner left the meeting at 2:10 p.m.

Courthouse Security: Darrell Hollis and Sheriff Frazee entered the meeting at 2:50pm. Chief Judge, Brinkley entered the meeting at 2:55 p.m. to discuss the Court Security Grant and the Courthouse Underfunded Grant. Judge Brinkley reported that Darrell Hollis, Courthouse Security Guard has a few priorities that need to be handled this year. Judge Brinkley stated that the single point entry is the safest way to go and should be a priority. Oswald moved to sign the court security grant for 2022-2023. Lening seconded. Motion carried. 

Landfill Update: Administrator Adamson will be drafting a letter for the newspaper addressing the new rules and fees that are being updated. 

Planning & Zoning Update: Adamson reported the preliminary application for TriState Generation & Transmission is adequate to serve as the final application. 

Fair Barbeque: Commissioner, Mike Lening moved and Commissioner Robertson seconded the motion to add a second Barbeque for the 2022 Fair. This will be the Pork Barbeque which will be held on Saturday of Fair. Motion carried. 

Road & Bridge Rates: Further discussion took place in regards to cattle guards and to have them repaired. 

Fees for cleaning cattle guards and fence rows were discussed. Lening moved, and Robertson seconded the motion to accept the fee changes. Motion carried. Administrator Adamson will publish a new letter showing the new fee schedule. 

Oswald moved, and Lening seconded the motion to not allow the fire district access to fuel unless 

special situations arise. Motion carried. 


Reports and meetings were reviewed and signed.

New Hire Report: Nick Johnson, County Maintenance Foreman; entered the meeting at 11:15 a. m., to report on his new hire. Johnson reported that the new employee is working very well. Johnson thanked the BOCC for their time and exited the meeting at 11:25 a.m. 

Leave Donation Request: Mike Lening moved, and Donald Oswald seconded the motion to approve the Leave Donation Request. Motion carried. 

T-Mobile Building Permit: Tabled, no action taken.

CMP IGA: Lisa Thomas, with Collaborative Management; entered the meeting at 1:55 pm. to present the 2023 Public Health Task Order. Discussion followed. Robertson moved, and Oswald seconded the motion to sign the CMP IGA Agreement. Motion carried. 

Resolution 2022-2 CUP Waiver for 1041 Permits: After reviewing and discussion, Commissioner Lening moved, to sign Resolution 2022-2 CUP Waiver for 1041 Permits. Commissioner Robertson seconded the motion. Motion Carried. 

Designation of Activity of State Interest-Xcel Energy: Robertson moved, and Lening seconded the motion to approve and sign the Designation of Activity of State Interest- Excel Energy. Motion carried. 

Cobblestone Inn and Suites Liquor License: Robertson moved, to approve the liquor renewal application for the Cobblestone Inn & Suites. Oswald second the motion. Motion carried. Lening abstained from voting due to conflict of interest. 

Agri Tech Contract: Tabled. 

EM-After Action Assessment: Those who entered the meeting for debriefing of the fires that occurred on 04/22/2022:

Sheriff, Forrest Frazee - Emergency Manager, Shellie Engelhardt -  Undersheriff, Joshua Swanson -  State Fire Manager, Larry Long - Road Foreman, Rick Spady Road Foreman, Allen Watts - Ambulance Coordinator, Eunice Weber 

Sheriff Frazee reviewed the actions that he and his Deputies performed on April 22nd. Frazee thanked the Road Foremen and their Crews for all the hard work. Frazee said the road graders were a very crucial piece of equipment with these kinds of fires. 

Shellie Engelhardt, Emergency Manager for Kiowa County reported of her duties and actions over the last week. Engelhardt reported there were community members who brought in tankers and trailers of water, which was very much appreciated. 

There was lengthy discussion over all the preventative actions being performed to save homes and livestock. 

Before any of audience left the BOCC thanked everyone for their efforts, the day of the fires.

Those listed above exited the meeting at 5:00 p.m. 

With no other business to discuss, Oswald moved, and Robertson seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:39 p.m. Motion carried. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. Prices, when displayed, are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time. Commissions do not influence editorial independence.

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