Kiowa County Hospital District Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2017

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Published Friday, December 8, 2017

The Kiowa County Hospital District and County Board met in regular session on October 24, 2017 at 6:35 p.m. at the Bransgrove Building Meeting Room.

District Board members present were: Mary Eikner, Sylvia Shields, Cathryn Anderson, Priscilla Waggoner. Absent - Robert Woods(called).

County Board members present were: Craig Kerfoot, Dennis Pearson, Lori Shalberg, Kim Harris and John Negley.

Others present: Jan Richards, Shannon Dixon, Char Korrell, Cindy McLoud, Wendy McDowell. Colette Martin, and Beth Spady.


The meeting was called to order by Priscilla Waggoner, Chairman of the Board al 6:35 pm.


Kim Harris, Dennis Pearson, and Lori Shalberg


A motion was made to approve the September minutes after correction of a spelling error on page three by Cathryn Anderson and seconded by Mary Eikner. All aye.


A motion was made by Sylvia Shields to approve the Agenda with Prairie Pines (Item C) and

Kiowa County Hospital District personnel (Item D) to be added under new business. Motion seconded by Kim Harris. All aye.


Cindy McLoud requested staff from the Hospital present at a future county commissioners meeting on the topic of debt forgiveness. Shannon Dixon, Colette Martin, and Priscilla Waggoner will attend the meeting on behalf of the Hospital. Cindy McLoud will provide possible dates for the meeting.

Jan Richards presented on their upcoming plans for a professional building. The possibility of working together to provide additional services 10 the community was discussed, specifically dental care. The Board is interested in a feasibility study to ensure needs of the community are being considered and to guide next steps.


Dr. Jason Pfaftly and Dr. Stephanie Diehlmann were given sixty-day temporary privileges with approval of Med Staff. Dr. Alexandra McKenzie, Dr. Christina White, and Dr. Gregory Broering were approved by Med Staff for courtesy privileges. Dr. Michael Magill-Collins was approved for active privilege by Med Staff. A motion was made by Sylvia Shields to approve privileges as designated for all providers listed above. Mary Eikner seconded. All aye.


The Board reviewed and discussed the three-page summary of revisions to department specific policies. A motion was made to approve the proposed changes as presented by Lori Shalberg. Dennis Pearson seconded the motion. All aye.



Jessica Hyman has signed an agreement with Kiowa County Hospital District and we anticipate a start date around December of 2017. Dawn Back is planning to return to Eads to practice

starting around the first of January 2018, but the agreement is pending.

Staff continue to work on the Conditions of Participation in anticipation of an upcoming survey from State.


The September financials were reviewed. We have received some payments from the State of Colorado for Medicaid services which accounts for the decrease in accounts receivable. Notable expenses included the installation of our hot water heater, preparation of the cost report and the 340B audit, and education reimbursements.

In September, there were no swing beds or inpatient services. Our clinic visit numbers were down but physical therapy and the ambulance both had an increase in visits.

There was discussion by the Board regarding the self- pay accounts receivable. Staff stated that many individuals pay monthly towards their account and have been successful in collecting the balance in full.

Shannon Dixon provided all Board members with information compiled by the Colorado Rural Health Center regarding local health issues and demographics.


We currently have 17 residents in our care. All residents have received the flu vaccine and staff will receive the vaccine or be required to wear a mask during the duration of the flu season.

The telemetry equipment has arrived and the site survey to plan for installation is scheduled for this week.

Most of our RN staff have received advanced trauma training and one of our RNs is close to completing her wound care training.

One Board member provided positive feedback regarding the care received during a recent visit.


Colette Martin advised the Board that her partner had resigned from her position with NSIDE.

A Board workshop to review responsibilities in the areas of governance and finance has been discussed on several occasions. The Board opted to meet at 5:30 pm on November 28111 to start covering the information with Colette Martin and administrative staff of KCHD.

The state survey process was briefly discussed and board members that could potentially come to participate in interviews as well as the entrance and exit meetings were identified as Priscilla Waggoner, Mary Eik11er, and Dennis Pearson.


The Quality Report Scorecard was reviewed. We had two hospital acquired infections (abscess tooth and an urinary tract infection). There were no med errors and no emergency department conversions. We will be implementing a fall bundle for both acute and long-term patients

utilizing new assessment tools in efforts to take a more proactive approach to falls.



The 2018 Budget is a work in process and continues to evolve based on input from KCHD staff and administration. The Board received the most recent version in their Board packet for review.



A motion was made by Mary Eikner to extend the agreement with NSIDE Consulting, LLC until December 31, 2017 with the same rates. terms, and conditions. Motion seconded by Sylvia Shields. All aye.


Dr. David Lenderts has been coordinating efforts in the community to evaluate ways to offer more dental services. Kiowa County Hospital District has received the MORE grant through the Colorado Rural Health Center and is open to discussion with the economic development group and their plans to offer dental services on a more frequent basis possibly based out of a newly constructed professional building.


A motion was made by Lori Shalberg to affim1 the email exchange authorizing the fee for NSIDE Consulting to provide no more than ten hours of consultation related to the financial analysis of operations at Prairie Pines. Mary Eikner seconded the motion. All aye.

Craig Kerfoot, Priscilla Waggoner, and Colette Martin will plan to visit with administration of Prairie Pines to discuss the analysis conducted by Colette.


Kiowa County Hospital District has been actively advertising open positions in a variety of ways in efforts to ensure adequate staffing. We have had some staff resign, others cut back hours to attend school, and some staff that have transferred to another department within the Hospital.

There was discussion regarding the interim status of Char Korrell as CEO. Colette advised there were specific rules / regulations to follow when appointing a CEO of special districts. These regulations will be addressed in the Board workshop.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm. Motion by Lori Shalberg and seconded by Mary Eikner. All aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Kiowa County Hospital District Board Sylvia Shields, Secretary-Treasurer