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Kiowa County Hospital District meeting minutes - October 24, 2023

Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads, Colorado. © / Chris Sorensen


BOARD MEETING - October 24, 2023

The Kiowa County Hospital District Board met in regular session on October 24, 2023, at 6:31 p.m. at the Cobblestone Inn Meeting Room.

District Board members present were Pam Cole via zoom, Matt Prince via zoom, Karl Eikenberg and Mary Eikner.  Absent:  Doug Uhland (called).

Others present:  Beth Bell, Renay Crain, Shannon Dixon, Cindy McLoud, and Beth Spady.


The meeting was called to order by Matt Prince, Chairman of the Board at 6:31 pm.


A motion was made by Pam Cole to approve the August 21, 2023; August 22, 2023; August 24, 2023; August 28, 2023; September 19, 2023; and the September 26, 2023 minutes as presented.  Motion seconded by Mary Eikner.  All aye.


A motion was made by Mary Eikner to approve the agenda as presented.  The motion was seconded by Pam Cole.  All aye.


There was no public comment.


Morgan King, PA, Tim Kynion, PA, Dr. James Bowie, and Dr. Mario Giovacchini were approved for active privileges by Med Staff.  Dr. Michael Letzing, Dr. Gregory Tomc, and Dr. Mark Murray were approved for telemedicine privileges by Med Staff.  Dr. Barry Schoelch and Dr. Chandler Sparks were approved for temporary privileges.  Motion to approve as presented by Pam Cole.  Seconded by Mary Eikner.  All aye.

Med Staff Bylaws Section 5.3 was amended to update the list of current providers that can perform medical screening examinations.  Motion made by Pam Cole and seconded by Mary Eikner.  All aye.


There were no policies or procedures to present.



The Board received a written report from the CFO.

The September financials were reviewed and showed a loss for the month and a loss for the year to date.  In September, days cash on hand was 219 and days in AR was 96.  

The Board discussed a few options for Christmas Bonuses for staff.  A motion was made by Mary Eikner and seconded by Karl Eikenberg to give staff $200 in Eads Buck Bonus.  All aye.  The employee Christmas Party is scheduled for December 2, 2023, at the Community Building.

The Board dinner is scheduled to be held immediately after the Budget Hearing which is scheduled for December 12, 2023.


Staff are reviewing safety and security at KCHD.  Discussions have included upgrading exterior doors, installation of a security system, training with a security officer, and use of force policies to address pepper gel and firearms.  More information to come.  

KCHD will enter into an affiliation agreement with UC Health for CoPPCAP services.  CoPPCAP provides many free resources regarding youth mental health including assessment, treatment, and one on one visits via telehealth.  

The contract with Tolin has been cancelled and will term effective October 31, 2023. 

The agreement with Lamar Hospice has been reviewed and updated.    

KCHD will hold monthly clinic operation meetings.  The primary projects at this time are policies and clinic through put times.  The provider contracts have been reviewed and renewed.  

Staff continue to work to expand the 340B program.  One area of focus is outpatient infusions.

The first annual Chili Cook Off was a huge success.  It was an opportunity to present on the Hospital Transformation Project (HTP) in addition to recognizing our providers.

WOLD and Wipfli will be on site on November 6th, 7th, and 8th.  There will be a special meeting on November 6 from 10 am – 5 pm to review the market share report.  Planning work for the proposed clinic continues.  

Staff continue to work on the logistics of operating a mobile clinic to support clinic outreach activities.  KCHD is working closely with Lincoln Community Hospital and Care Center regarding the mobile clinic.

The Board received the Qualiry Report Scorecard which contains information about infection rates, medication errors, and falls.



The Board received an updated version of the Budget.  The budget hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12.



The Bylaws have been updated with language to cover credentialing by proxy as KCHD looks to enter into an agreement with UC Health.  A motion to approve the Med Staff Bylaws was made by Pam Cole and seconded by Mary Eikner.  All aye.  


A motion was made by Pam Cole to appoint the CNO of KCHD to be the infection prevention and control officer at KCHD.  Motion was seconded by Karl Eikenberg.  All aye.


A motion was made by Mary Eikner to go into executive session for the purpose of contract negotiations pursuant to and as permitted by CRS 24-6-402(4)(e).  Karl Eikenberg seconded the motion.  All aye.

Executive session convened at 7:49 pm and was returned to regular session at 8:12 pm.


There was no public comment.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.  Mary Eikner made the motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Karl Eikenberg.  All aye.

Kiowa County Hospital District Board Pam Cole, Secretary-Treasurer