Kiowa County Vouchers - July 2017

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Published Friday, August 18, 2017
The following vouchers were paid at the Regular Meetings held on July 13, 2017 and July 27 2017 to wit:
White Construction Group Murdock Project Construction  $293,409.54
Zinc and Associates Murdock Architect Services   $7,520.92
Darrell Hollis Lake Clean Up  $500.00
WBR Construction Horseshoe Park  $399.00
Cash Fair Board-Special Events  $1,500.00
Eads Consumer Supply Fair Board-Premiums  $3,000.00
Duane Ripke Special Events- Winner Mini  $500.00
Jordan Goth Special Events- Winner 1st Place  $1,000.00
Martin Church Special Events-2nd Place  $500.00
Aiden Michael Special Events-3rd Place   $250.00
Andrew Homer Special Events--1st Place Winner  $1,000.00
Carol McDowell Jr. Special Events-2nd Place Winner  $500.00
Drew Corsentino Special Events-3rd Place Winner  $250.00
Fair Publishing House, Inc Fair Board Ribbons  $1,031.95
Colonial Life Insurance Withheld  $6.92
Texas Life Insurance W/held  $58.00
AFLAC Insurance Withheld  $195.26
American Fidelity Insurance Withheld  $245.94
CHP - CTSI Health, Life Dental Vision Ins Withheld  $532.17
Kiowa County Treasurer Fed & Fica Tax Withheld, State Withheld, Retirement Withheld, Offset for Direct Deposit  $15,788.15
Payroll Deduction Error Insurance W/held  $52.65
Atmos Energy Natural Gas  $29.99
Colorado State Treasurer Unemployment Insurance  $55.92
Eads Auto Supply & Hardware Build Repairs-Ballast and Bulbs  $43.88
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone 1/3 EPR Phones $54.61 2/3 Public Health Phones $54.61  $163.83
Pitstop Oil, LLC Fuel Transactions-Fuel for Chevy Equinox  $71.45
Precision Pest Control, Inc. Pest Control  $245.00
Prowers County CMG-Office Rent  $76.42
S.E.C.P.A. Electricity  $193.07
Kris Stokke Regional Planner Salary & Fringe-EPR Grant  $7,800.00
Town of Eads Water Utility  $82.67
Unifirst P/H Nurse Office Supplies  $78.22
Viaero Wireless PH-phone  $83.83
VISA Training-$53.34, Misc.-$301.94, Travel/Mtg $36.00, Dues-$24.98 Fuel-$39.12  $455.38
CDPHE Public Health Vital Statistics  $60.00
Kiowa County Treasurer Fed & Fica Tax Withheld, State Withheld, Retirement Withheld, Offset for Direct Deposit  $10,664.21
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing  $149.00
Network Imaging Lexmark Toner 368.55
Verizon Wireless PH-CMG Data Hot Spot  $40.01
Apex Companies, Inc. Land Fill-Test Wells/Gas M monitoring  $5,320.65
Atmos Energy Gas utility  $202.54
Bent County Sheriff Sheriff  Dispatch  $1,925.00
Business Solutions Leasing Admin-Service Agreement  $176.43
Colorado State Treasurer Unemployment Insurance  $391.47
Colorado State Land and Board Assessor-Public Legal Notice   
Cougar Mountain Admin-Professional Services  
Crow's Stop and Shop Healthy Choices-$270.41, Com Bldg-$13.95  $284.36
Crow's Stop and Shop DEM-Travel/Mtg  
Colorado Coroner's Assn Coroners-Conference  
District Attorney Salaries-$1836.75, Operating Supplies 532.08, Elected Official-$195.25  $2,564.08
DeLoach's Water Conditioning SNRS-Water System  $20.50
DW Waste Treatment CG- Trash  $6,855.00
Derek's LP Service LCC Towner Fire-Propane   
E-470 Public Highway Authority T-Van-Travel  $25.10
Eads Auto Supply  Supplies-$93.02, Small Tools-$34.97, Com Bldg Repairs $73.28, Maint -Repairs-$61.13, Maint-Fair Grnds Repairs-$1242.85; Fire Dept.-Repairs-$12.79; Sheriff-Auto Repairs-$522.24  $2,040.28
Eads Consumer Supply T-Van-$197.64; DEM-Repairs $60.75  $258.39
East End Seniors East End SNRS-Staff $200.00  $200.00
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone Service   $1,438.47
Fairpoint Communication TWNR SNRS-Telephone  $37.72
Gobin's Inc Admin-Service Agreement  $72.76
Great America Financial Services Sheriff-Office Supplies  $56.49
Jack Howard  Ambulance-Contract Labor  $350.00
KCHD Insurance Reimbursement  $1,500.00
Kiowa County Independent Treas-Legal/Pub-$402.64; Admin-Ad/Printing $9.00; Landfill-Ads $55.20; Events-Adv/Printing $134.00  $600.84
Kiowa Healthmart Sheriff-Operating Expenses  $29.99
Kiowa County National Bank Sheriff-Debt Service Cars $1028.03, Trucks-$1016.99, Admin-Lease Payment $531.25  $2,576.27
Lamar BMS Museum-Repairs  $477.89
MARC Bldg Main-Supplies  $476.00
Marshall & Swift/Boech, LLC Assessor-Dues/Subs  $634.20
Postmaster Sheriff-Postage/Freight  $70.00
Prowers County Jail Jail-Prisoner Keep  $1,861.45
Public Safety Center Sheriff- Office Supplies 89.90; Fire Dept.-249.94  $339.84
Quill Admin-Office Sup $74.97; DEM-Office Supplies 150.99  $234.95
S.E.C.P.A. Electricity  $2,816.00
State of Colorado Accounting Clerk-Postage  $72.53
Thunderbird Petroleum Products Towner Fire-Repairs and Fuel  $104.75
Town of Eads Water  $534.71
Towner Recreation District Towner-Utilities  $150.00
UniFirst C/G-Building Supplies  $573.50
Viaero Sheriff-Telephone  $338.13
VISA DEM-Fuel 129.16,Trvl-$27.75, Office Supplies $46.94, Operate Supplies $232.96; Clerk-Mileage/Trvl-$337.76; Training-$64.67, Training-$405.39; Coroner Conference $545.00; Landfill- Test Wells-$90.31; Transit Van-Car Wash $6.00; Supplies-$14.81, Fuel- $54.45, Admin-Travel $25.48;  Sheriff-, Fuel-$92.44; Uniforms-$32.88, Travel Meal-$15.66; Office Supplies-$46.47;; Jail-Prisoner Transport -$49.18  $2,217.31
West End Golden Seniors Haswell - Utilities  $252.06
WEX Bank Sheriff-Auto Fuel  $501.16
Wheatland Electric Cooperative Towner Streetlight and Siren  $58.41
CDPHE Solid Waste Fee  $1,339.32
Conduent Business Services, LLC Treasurer and Assessor Fees  $2,548.92
Crow's Stop and Shop Eads SNRS-Group Meal  $14.91
CTSI Volunteer Insurance 2017 Accident Protection Program   $169.00
Eads Consumer Supply Fire Dept.-Fuel  $54.93
Kiowa County Independent Events-Printing $134.00; Admin-Printing $9.00; Landfill-Advertising $55.20  $198.20
Kiowa County Treasurer Fed/FICA/State W/Held, Retirement W/held, to offset Direct Deposit  $89,809.45
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit   $518.00
Legal Shield Elective Benefits  $12.95
Parker Mechanical AC Repair  $2,529.51
Professional Finance CO. Inc. Garnishment  $333.26
Quill Corporation Admin- Office Supplies  $173.12
Road & Bridge Landfill-Diesel $119.04; Bldg Maint-Fuel $162.75; Bldg Repair-Equip Repair $331.65; Landfill-Repairs $114.85  $728.29
State of Colorado  Clerk-Postage  $82.60
USDA-APHIS Wildlife Contract  $1,706.73
Verizon DEM-Cell Phone  $146.31
Viaero Wireless Landfill- Telephone $38.99; Maint-$122.98  $161.97
Amy Weirich Assessor-Supply  $10.63
4 Rivers Equipment Equipment and Repairs  $409.34
A-1 Rental & Sales of Lamar, Inc Small Tools and Repairs  $411.37
Ace Tire Service Tires  $1,874.50
Atmos Energy Gas Utility  $44.93
Bruckner's Repairs  $1,298.49
CAT Financial Service's Debt Services/Payments  $6,807.48
Colorado Natural Gas Sheridan Lake Shop-Gas  $28.20
Colorado State Treasurer Unemployment Insurance  $340.30
Cordova Shed-Billie Cordova Rent  $250.00
Crow's Stop and Shop Supplies  $7.99
DISSCO Road Oil  $1,550.00
Division of Reclamation, Mining & Safety Gravel Pit Permit  $1,615.00
Eads Auto Supply and Hardware Maintenance, Repairs, Filters Sm Tools  $2,248.29
Eads Consumer Supply Supplies, Repairs Fuel Tires and Tools  $13,956.51
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone  $126.03
Fairpoint Telephone Telephone  $38.95
Andy Flint TV Tower Repair  $500.00
Fremont Paving Eads Asphalt  $459.69
Haswell Propane Repairs and Fuel  $1,559.01
John Deere Credit Equipment Payments  $6,368.66
John Deere Financial Supplies and Small Tools  $530.95
Kiowa County Treasurer Fed/State/FICA W/held, Retirement W/held, to offset Direct Deposit  $56,224.02
Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing  $1,106.00
Lamar Auto Parts Small Tools and Repairs  $28.76
Lamar BMS Small Tools   $195.00
MHC Kenworth-Pueblo Repairs  $17.06
National Sign Company, Inc. Supplies and Signs  $1,556.20
Power Equipment Company Outside Repairs  $4,201.46
Pro-Compliance & Testing LLC Admin-Physicals  $123.00
Ron Austin Repair Shop Outside Repairs  $176.45
Rother Pit-Lochurst Farms LLP Gravel   $2,674.50
Rupp's Truck and Trailer Repair Equipment Repairs  $687.78
Stand-By Power Service Co. Tower Repair  $1,668.00
S.E.C.P.A. Electric  $963.23
SEMCO, INC Supplies  $35.24
Sheridan Lake Water District Water utility  $30.00
Thunderbird Petroleum Repairs, Supplies and Small Tools  $213.39
Town of Eads Water utility  $239.33
Town of Haswell Water Utility  $39.03
UniFirst Mats and Uniforms  $901.86
VISA-Girard National Bank Tower Repair  $1,534.00
Wagner Equipment Company Repairs and Service Agreement  $1,444.32


During the regular meetings of the Kiowa County Board of Social Services held during July 2017, the following bills were approved for payment:
County operation      $2,218.36
General Assistance      
Payroll/Benefits/Travel  $4,473.55    $4,473.55
Submitted by Dennis Pearson, Director, Kiowa County Department of Social Services.
/s/ Dennis Pearson   July 1, 2017  
______________________    ______________________ 
Delisa L. Weeks, County    Richard Scott, Chairman