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Kiowa County weather outlook – week of January 19, 2020

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Steve Norris

Winds gusted to 60 miles per hour Friday, but a better week is coming.

For Sunday and Monday expect sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s and the wind calming down. Wednesday through Friday this week, we will see the precipitation chance coming back, and it will be snow showers at times. Temperatures by Thursday night will drop back into the teens.

The long-range forecast at this time of the year can be risky because things can change so quickly, but right now we are seeing nothing major for Kiowa County for January 25-31.

Sunrise is now 7:06 a.m. with sunset at 4:58 p.m.

The brightest planet visible continues to be Venus to the southwest just after dark.

There will be some interesting things going on in the night sky in 2020, and I will be reminding you of those as we go along each week. Today, I thought I would let you know what we have to look forward to seeing.

We will have a super moon in March and April. A super moon is a full moon that is closer to Earth, so it appears brighter and bigger.

March 24, the planet Venus will be bright, and at its highest point in the evening sky after dark.

July 5 will feature a partial eclipse of the moon.

We have the second-best meteor shower of the year August 12-13, and December 13-14 will feature the best meteor shower of the year. This will be one that you won't want to miss.

December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear side-by-side and bright in the western sky after sunset.

Watch each week as I keep you updated on what the nighttime heavenly sky has to offer.