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Kiowa County weather outlook – week of November 24, 2019

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Steve Norris

The only precipitation in our 5-day forecast is a possibility of snow showers Monday night. 

Look for a fine day Sunday, with sunshine and 62 degrees.

A cold front will drop our high temperatures into the 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Thanksgiving Day may see some clouds, but high temperatures will reach the upper 50s with lows in the mid-20s.

The first five days of December are looking mostly dry but much colder, with high temperatures near 40 but dropping into the teens at night.

I love the Sun and here is a fact that kind of freaks me out: the sun set in Barrow, Alaska, November 18, and will not rise again until January 23 - 66 days of darkness! Kind of makes our short days not seem so bad now doesn't it?

One night recently we had a ring and a halo around the Moon. When folks see this, they often ask me what causes this and if it means anything to the coming weather?

The halo forms when cirrus and cirrostratus clouds move into your area about five miles above the ground. These clouds are made up of ice crystals.

These clouds often move in before a front or low-pressure system, and many times precede showers or precipitation. Statistics have shown that precipitation comes about 70% of the time within a couple of days, if not sooner, after you see a ring or halo around the Moon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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