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Letter to the Editor – Endorsement of Richard Holtorf for Congressional District 4


I would like to respond to the article [Editor’s note: the referenced item is also a letter to the editor] printed in the Kiowa County Press for Friday, 06/14/2024. 

The letter to the editor was for the endorsement of Jerry Sonnenberg for Congressional District 4 submitted by Senator Byron H. and Celeste Pelton. 

I cannot believe that Representative Richard Holtorf ever has or ever will abandon Agriculture. He has a record of supporting Agriculture and working with our Agriculture Representatives in Washington D. C. In my opinion, Rep Holtorf is not the type of person to go along with the crowd. He would have a specific reason for the choices he makes. Jerry Sonnenberg is a widely respected person in the Agriculture Community. He is the type of person that everyone wants to have as a friend. A REAL NICE GUY. 

Rep. Holtorf strikes me as the GO GETTER TYPE OF PERSON. He will be a strong force as the Colorado District 4 Representative in The United States House of Representatives. He supports Agriculture along with many of my concerns. Such as Colorado NOT BEING a sanctuary state for All the undocumented people entering our state illegally. Crime is rampant in our country. Our Justice System is compromised. Our cost of living is out of control. I trust his judgement in all the above concerns. 

I made a trip to Lamar, CO located in Prowers County last Monday. As we drove from Dentist to Eye Doctors, I was excited to see a multitude of yards with signs to VOTE FOR HOLTORF. On another trip to an appointment in Brush, CO was impressed with a Large Livestock Trailer parked in front of the Brush Livestock Sale Barn with its side displaying a Huge Holtorf Sign. In all my travels in District 4 I have not seen a single sign for Jerry Sonnenberg. 

All legal citizens of the United States of America have been given the right by our FOREFATHERS to vote for the candidates of our choice. My choice will be for Colorado Representative Richard Holtorf.

Dorothy M Ellicott, Eads