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Mail carriers celebrated on National Postal Workers Day

Eric Tegethoff

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(Oregon News Service) Today is National Postal Workers Day, a celebration of the job they do to deliver the mail.

Postal workers provide a vital service, especially during big election years like 2024 and in states like Oregon where elections are conducted completely by mail.

Daniel Cortez, Oregon legislative and political director for the American Postal Workers Union, noted the critical role his colleagues play.

"Whether it be America's election mail or letters from grandparents, care packages to our service members overseas, vital prescriptions for our seniors and veterans," Cortez outlined. "It's important to remember that all of that happens because of the dedication of the postal workers day in and day out."

The United States Postal Service was established by Benjamin Franklin on July 26, 1775.

The Postal Service is currently experiencing a shake-up. Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is implementing his 10-year Delivering For America plan to modernize the Postal Service's network. It is meant job eliminations and sorting center cuts Cortez argued have hurt mail delivery. For instance, he pointed out sorting in Oregon has been consolidated to one center in Portland.

"It's imperative that the American people know that this slowdown is manufactured by the Postal Service," Cortez contended. "Everything from failure to properly staff offices to just deliberately slowing down how fast mail moves."

DeJoy has remained in office under President Joe Biden because only the Postal Board of Governors can oust him. Biden has delayed nominations for the board, delaying any potential change in leadership at the Postal Service.