The Most Appreciated Gifts for Fishing Enthusiasts

The Most Appreciated Gifts for Fishing Enthusiasts

Feature Staff

It’s hard to imagine a more grateful bunch of people than dedicated anglers. They always need more gear. They’re not hard to please, they’re not fancy, and all they ask is that you don’t buy them any more motion-activated, wall-mounted singing trout. The next time you want to treat someone special, choose one of the most appreciated gifts for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Clothes

No matter their age or size, any fisherperson is happy to get fishing attire. You don’t run into the usual problems with gifting clothes—worrying they won’t like the color or style or that you’ll get the size wrong. Err on the side of loose-fitting, and you’re good to go. Look for one or all of these features:

  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Sleeves they can roll up and secure
  • Extraneous hooks and loops
  • Zips or Velcro
  • Lightweight UPF materials
  • As many pockets as possible

A Great Fillet Knife

Here is the part that many anglers dread—and others relish. Either way, they’re going to need a trusty fillet knife if they want to bring home dinner. A lot of considerations go into the perfect knife, like a nonslip grip and a cool sheath to wear on a belt. Most of all, it has to be sharp. If your fishing friend refuses to give up a rusty heirloom piece, compromise with the gift of a sharpener.

Floating Anything

During the heated chaos of reeling in a big catch, anything could happen. Very often, that “anything” means something falling overboard, lost forever to the depths of the bottom-feeders. Any small gesture can save a fisher some aggravation and inconvenience. Maybe they could use a floating, stainless-steel water bottle—or, depending on their approach to angling, a floating flask. Floating keychains and wallets can be absolute lifesavers. And a pair of polarized, floating sunglasses are always welcome, even if the recipient isn’t clumsy.

The Latest Multitool

If we’re talking about the kind of person generous about lending their pliers but not so quick about asking for them back, buy them pliers. They will always, always need the basics. But within the fishing community exists an enormous subset of people who are suckers for gadgets. Extra points if you give them one that looks like it would be at home in the military or in space. Even more points if you splurge on one that combines a hook remover, tape measure, bottle opener (these are not in order of importance), weight scale, flashlight, scale scraper, and emergency flare. Don’t overthink it. Any of the latest doohickeys are among the most appreciated gifts for fishing enthusiasts—especially if they float.