The Most Common Outdoor Playground Injuries

The Most Common Outdoor Playground Injuries

Feature Staff

You may come across parks that do not have the most up-to-date play equipment. When the equipment isn't updated, you'll need to be more cautious about where your children can play. Even the most up-to-date play areas can cause children to get into accidents. Here are the most common outdoor playground injuries.

Bone Injuries

Broken bones are the most frequent of park injuries. Since children have softer bones, they tend to bend and splinter before officially fracturing. Anything from an arm to a leg fracture can happen on a piece of playground gear.

Children with broken bones can expect to stay in a brace or cast for up to six weeks. When a child suffers from bone injuries, the fracture can halt their physical growth.

When kids sit out more often, they aren't as physically healthy as before. To keep them active, parents should give them a list of acceptable physical activities to do while in a cast.

Bone injuries happen most often due to:

  • Falling off equipment
  • Getting caught in a piece of gear
  • Sports

The best way to prevent injuries is to improve the park by updating equipment and ensuring age-appropriate equipment.

Head Wounds

Head wounds are also common. When a child injures their skull, it might delay their cognitive development. Head wounds do happen, and the best way to prevent them, again, is by ensuring that the equipment is appropriate for your child.

The best way to prevent playground injuries like head trauma is to watch your children on all play pieces, especially if they're climbing on a jungle gym.

Cuts and Scrapes

You should clean the wound even if it’s just a cut or a scrape. When a kid gets a cut, it's essential to have a first aid kit with you to clean off any harmful bacteria, especially if the park has mulch or another unsafe surface.

Often, these injuries happen because of loose equipment pieces, such as bolts and nails. If a child receives a deep incision from a rusty nail, it's essential to take them to the hospital to avoid a tetanus infection.

Some of the most common outdoor playground injuries are caused by kids improperly using the equipment or playing on damaged pieces. Make sure to supervise your kids while at the park and check the equipment between each use. That way, no one gets hurt while playing.