Must-Have Tools for Survivalists

Must-Have Tools for Survivalists

Feature Staff

Survivalism is a growing movement to actively prepare for emergencies. These can be related to weather, impending war, or ideological beliefs. It makes sense; anything can happen at any time. Anyone concerned about the future should read on: these must-have tools for survivalists will ensure safety in your home as well as in the Colorado wilderness during any emergency.


A pocketknife, or survival knife, is a great tool to have on hand. Whether you need to whittle tinder or slice a freshly caught fish, you must have a knife to do it. Survival knives are the perfect multi-tools. They can hammer in a tent stake, cut a rope, or provide defense against a predator. Be sure to always keep yours within arm’s reach, and remember to clean it regularly to preserve its durability.

Lock-Pick Set

You probably won’t stumble across any lockboxes in the forest, but any self-sufficient survivalist will have a lock-pick set and know how to use it. You can efficiently store your treasured belongings in your own safe or lockbox and dispose of the key when you’re done. This way, you don’t risk losing the key or having it fall into someone else’s possession. However, it’s important to invest in a high-quality lock-pick set. The professional lock-pick sets from SouthOrd, for instance, are made from stainless steel and offer a full range of picks and tension tools. They even offer a pocket-friendly one to keep alongside your knife.

Flashlight and Navigation

You’ll likely spend time outside at night or when the natural light fades away. Therefore, you must pack a flashlight and a compass or GPS device. Take note: you should never travel at night, when the dark conditions make it hard for you to see. You should remain in place and stay overnight if possible. With that said, a flashlight will allow you to see in dark areas inaccessible to natural light. A flashlight and a navigational tool will better prepare you for your survivalist adventure.

Food and Water Purification

Nonperishable food items are essential if you can bear the extra weight. Minimalist survivalists may want to hunt and scavenge for their own food and water, but if you don’t yet have these skills, you should pack energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, and other high-calorie nonperishable foods to eat on your trek. Likewise, always bring water purification tabs to purify any natural water sources you come across. You may have water gallons stored away, but a water purification system gives you access to a constant water supply.


It’s imperative to have a fire-starting kit in order to start fires at night to supply heat when temperatures drop. Plus, if you plan on hunting or fishing for food, you must cook the meat to kill harmful bacteria.

First Aid Kit

Lastly, a first aid kit will provide protection in case of an accident or injury. You should include items such as gauze, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, bug repellent, and alcohol wipes. You can purchase a premade first aid kit, but you have the option to include additional items you feel are necessary to your survival.