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Republican River Water Conservation District to Hold Special Board Meeting and Work Session

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The Board of Directors of the Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD) will hold a special board meeting in the conference room at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Thornton, CO on Thursday, January 5, 2023, and on Friday, January 6, 2023.  

The meeting will begin on Thursday, January 5, at 1:00 PM in the conference room of the hotel located at 14275 Lincoln Street in Thornton.  The meeting is scheduled to close by 5:30 PM Thursday afternoon.  Board President, Rod Lenz will open the Board work session at 8:00 AM on Friday morning in the same location.  

The Board meeting will begin with the swearing-in of Robin Liming, newly appointed representative for Yuma County. 

Rod Lenz will give the Board President’s report.  The Board will receive reports from federal legislator’s staff members and from state Senator Rod Pelton and Representative Richard Holtorf.  

Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, Kate Greenberg will give an update to the Board on the activities of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  

Kevin Penny, Fee Evaluation Committee chairperson will report on the meetings held with county commissioner boards and the groundwater management district boards. 

Brooke Campbell, Personnel Committee chairperson, will report the outcome of the recent committee meeting and make recommendations regarding staff salaries.

The RRWCD administrative staff will give a presentation on the District website and social media. There will also be a presentation on the process for land owners to receive an approved conservation contract in the RRWCD basin.

Nate Pearson, Recovery Officer for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, will update the Board on the status of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. 

Landon Gates and Brock Herzberg, from Capitol Focus, LLC, will give an update on the upcoming session of the state legislature.

The Board will discuss pursuing additional funding to assist with the cost of retiring acres in the South Fork Focus Zone (SFFZ).  Don Brown will give an update on the status of dryland farmable CREP.  The RRWCD Board will discuss the possibility of a trip to Washington DC to meet with legislators, staff members and federal agencies.

For those wishing to participate via Zoom, a link will be provided on the RRWCD website at

For further information concerning the details of this meeting, please contact the RRWCD staff at 

970-332-3552 or Deb Daniel, RRWCD General Manager at 970-630-3525.