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Rocky Mountain Conservancy Program - Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West

Did you know that the Coyote is our country’s second largest canine? Often misunderstood, the coyote has profound impact on our everyday lives. Join the Rocky Mountain Conservancy on March 25 for the Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West class, taught by Jared Gricoskie, to learn about those impacts and why the coyote is one of the most common predators in the United States.

Participants will study the coyote’s natural history, Native American stories, and the species expansion to the east. From there participants will also go into Rocky Mountain National park to study the habitat of the coyote up close, learn about their social structure and how their interactions with mankind. Lastly participants will learn about how wolves could impact coyotes in the future.

Jared is the owner and operator of Yellow Wood Guiding located in Estes Park. Jared graduated from Penn State and since then has worked for the National Park Service and worked as naturalist throughout the United States. Jared has spent several years studying flora and fauna in Rocky Mountain National Park and is always looking for more wonders of the natural world to share with others.

 To register, go online to  and click on the Learn With Us tab, or call 970-586-3262.