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Published Friday, June 16, 2017
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by Chris Sorensen

"Hot" is the watch word across Colorado for the final weekend before Tuesday's official start of summer, however a front will help cool things Sunday.

Friday's temperatures will be in the 90s across most of the eastern plains and western Colorado. Lamar may even see a high of 100. For relief from the heat, head to the mountains, where temperatures will be in the more comfortable 70s to 80s. The annual mountain snow melt continues, so use caution around creeks and stream where water may be running high and banks could give way. Despite the heat and low humidity, however critical fire weather conditions are not expected as winds remain largely in the five to ten mile-per-hour range.

Saturday will be largely similar, though a "cold front" will pass across the southern part of the state later in the day dropping the overnight low a few degrees versus Friday night. Gusty winds in the 15 to 25 mph range are possible, along with brief rain in some locations.

A west flow over Colorado Sunday will help bring cooler temperatures across the plains Sunday. Highs will be in the mid-70s to low 80s, with a shower or two possible. The west slope will see little relief as temperatures remain in the 90s.


Weekend Forecast - June 16-18

  Friday Saturday Sunday
City High Low High Low High Low
Eads 96 58 97 54 80 56
Springfield 96 61 98 58 80 58
Trinidad 93 56 94 54 81 55
Limon 91 54 89 52 76 51
Sterling 93 60 81 53 78 54
Fort Morgan 94 59 85 54 80 55
Craig 81 53 80 45 80 46
Grand Junction 94 66 97 61 94 61
Montrose 90 60 93 57 90 56
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