The top 4 weirdest and most bizarre-looking dinosaurs

The top 4 weirdest and most bizarre-looking dinosaurs

Feature Staff

It’s hard for many of us to comprehend, but dinosaurs were on Earth for around 165 million years. When we compare that with the 6 million years that Homo sapiens have lived on Earth, it makes sense that dinosaurs went through numerous stages of evolution. As you look through past discoveries, you can find a wide variety of odd, weird, and bizarre-looking dinosaurs that evolved to handle the ever-changing conditions of early Earth.


The Saichania dinosaur has the most interesting appearance since they look as though someone molded them from the crust of the Earth. These dinosaurs were short and stout, with a mass of about 4,000 pounds. Most of that weight comes from the amazing protective body armor that made them constantly look ready for battle. This armor featured pyramid-shaped horns and a clubbed tail. These iconic horns even protruded above their eyes and on their cheeks.


You might run the other way or stop in awestruck amazement if you happened to see this dinosaur. That’s because the Therizinosaurus is possibly one of the weirdest and most bizarre-looking dinosaurs to ever exist. Its claws bear a striking resemblance to the beloved character Edward Scissorhands. These incredible claws reached nearly 3 feet in length!


Many of us associate dinosaurs solely with the Jurassic era. However, the geologic timeline shows dinosaurs living in every period of the Mesozoic Era. But if you wanted to catch a glimpse of the Psittacosaurus, you’d have to find yourself in the Cretaceous period.

Dubbed the cutest and most adorable dinosaurs, the Psittacosaurus was only about the size of a turkey. Moreover, it had a large, horned, parrot-like beak and large protruding bristles on its tail, adding to the cuteness and oddity factors.


You might be familiar with the Dilophosaurus due to their screen time in the movie Jurassic Park. While this depiction wasn’t quite accurate, these dinosaurs are still just as unusual in appearance. These dinosaurs are more bird-like, with hollow bones. One interesting aspect is their skull which featured protruding, hollow bones that looked like a remarkable hairdo.