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Town of Eads Board of Trustees meeting minutes - December 13, 2022

Eads, Colorado, Town Hall © - Chris Sorensen

The Regular Meeting of the Town of Eads Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Shields, Tuesday December 13, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. Robin Fox took roll call:

  • Mayor – Joe D. Shields- Present
  • Trustees – Present –Kathy McCracken, Stephanie Sewell, Tuck Liebl, Dennis Pearson, Justin McLoud, Fred Derby
  • Absent – 
  • Town Clerk- Robin Fox 
  • Assistant Clerk- Mikahael McCracken
  • Director of Public Works-Van Brown
  • Town Attorney – Lance Clark – Absent

Minutes­- Stephanie Sewell moved to approve the minutes as presented. Justin McLoud seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Approval of Bills – The finance committee reviewed the bills prior to the meeting. Kathy McCracken moved to approve payment of the bills.  Fred Derby seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment- Cindy McLoud, gave updates on the Maine Street Grant in front of the theater, the bricks with everyone’s names have been done. The rest of the project with the trees and pots will be done in the spring. We were also approved for a Gates Family foundation grant of $50,000, this money will be used to do work on the old pool hall & Bentley building.

Doug Uhland, Matt Prince, Betsy Barnett and Jerry Weber, were all present to see what the next steps to try and get a new pool would be. The board let everyone know that the pool was our main concern at this time. The board had a zoom meeting with GOCO and a grant writer. We are going to do as GOCO recommends and try again and use different measures. There were questions asked about looking again at a tax increase, or a mill levy. They are going to get a local committee together for the pool. Justin McLoud, Joe Shields, Stephanie Sewell, Betsy Barnett, Matt Prince, are all on the committee, and will work on getting others involved. We need signed contracts from people willing to donate, time or equipment to help build the pool. People can come to the town hall and sign up and list the work they are willing to do. We also still need money donations. More community engagement, money makers.   

New Business:  The 2023 budget was presented, Justin McLoud moved to approve the 2023 budget, Fred Derby seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Ordinance 414 to adopt the budget- Stephanie Sewell moved to approve, the Ordinance Kathy McCracken seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Ordinance 415 to set mill levy- Dennis Pearson moved to approve the Ordinance, Fred Derby seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Ordinance 416 appropriate sum of money- Justin McLoud moved to approve the Ordinance, Kathy McLoud seconded, motion passed unanimously.

AirMed Contract- Justin McLoud made a motion to sign the contract with air med, Stephanie Sewell seconded, motion passed unanimously. 

Executive Session- at 6:30 the meeting went into executive session, an employee asked to talk to the board in private. Justin McLoud excused himself from this session. The session ended at 7:00 

Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned 7:01 

Joe D. Shields, Mayor


Robin Fox, Town Clerk