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Published Sunday, January 26, 2020
by Doris Lessenden

Isaiah 40:31.."but I know the Plans (thoughts) I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of Peace, and not of evil but to give you a future and a hope."

The scripture above is one of three that I included in a devotion lesson for teenagers Saturday night about HOPE. I often remind others and myself, "There is always HOPE."

The basketball games in Eads with the McClave Cardinals Friday night were exceptionally exciting, with Eagle victories in both varsity games. During the games, The Future Business Leaders of America chapter has a bake sale to benefit the school library. FBLA President Mollie Kelley and Vice President Amber Kopasz and Keaton Coen sold the tasty items. They said that it wasn't any particular project, but the students thought it was for a worthy cause. 

This was the first time I had seen the B-teams play, so it was good they had this opportunity. Here are the names of the Lady Eagles: Lexi Lopez, Maggie Hasse, Kaycee Ellenberger, Rhealie Rittgers, Chrystal Watson, Brianna Habinick, Morgyn Johnson, Ally Spady, Samantha Courkamp, Piper Sorter, and Cynthia Watson. These young ladies are coached by Trey Eder and Justin McCloud. Their managers are Madison McDowell and Tailee Johnson. The Eagle boys team is coached by Marcus Gilmore and Weston Meardon. The team is made up of Damien Barnes, Joe Hasse, Dillon Hernandez, A. J. Vasquez, Donte Sierra, Brandon Lening, Cade McDowell, Ty Wilson, Caleb Lane, Alex Schmidt, Ben Splitter, and Hatch Nelson. Alex and Ben are students at Plainview School. The managers are Porter Spady, Bo Arnold, and Brentley Lening. There as a large group of fans who attended the games. 

Congratulations to Mary (Adamson) Vasquez, Eads High School English teacher, who graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a master's degree in December. This is a difficult goal for such a busy woman who has two sons and manages the Crow Luther Center Maine Scoop. She is also the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center secretary, and has other school and family responsibilities.

All last week, I so enjoyed Jimmy Brown's incredible piano CD, "Because I Love Him." Friday, I bought two more so I can have one in the east side of my house and one for a friend. It is so worshipful! What a legacy Jimmy Brown will leave his family and friends. Dear readers, "what legacy are you leaving your family and people on this earth?" Please think about it.

One legacy that I was a part of with a fellow teacher in Eads, Mr. Rodger Fooshee, was to organize a Knowledge Bowl Team - and look today how this program has grown. Educators Sue Fox and Sabrina Dawn James have continued sponsoring Knowledge Bowls and have taken many teams to state meets. These ladies are on the Colorado State Board for Knowledge Bowls and, in fact, this week hosted the regional meet at Eads High School for schools far north and to the Kansas and Oklahoma lines. In past years it used to be held at Lamar Community College. The meet takes so many rooms and adult workers that there was no school last Monday, but classes were held Friday.

Realynn Riley knows I like to buy small white angels to share with others. She is one of the fine volunteers who work at the Salvation Army store Saturdays. They used to bring things out to my car to see. She is so high tech these days that she took a photo on her smart phone of the glass shelves holding a lovely display of someone's treasures. While Ms Riley was delivering my favorite Sage Meal, turkey salad, to my home Friday, she showed me on her phone the photos, which she circled so she could pack them for me to pick up Saturday. Wow, what service!

There is another service our town has, and that is delivery of meals on wheels in the district program called Sage Meals. A call to Areta Laird could connect senior citizens or disabled folks to request the meals that appeal to them. It is great, cuts out a lot of shopping and cooking, plus you can give away what you don't eat, like I freeze the cartons of milk to give away.

This is the time to pay your Chamber of Commerce dues. It is $30 for an individual person and $75 or $125 for a business depending on the size. The Chamber meets at noon on the first Wednesday of the month at JJ's Restaurant.

The WE Group (Women Empowered) will host a fundraiser February 6 in the High School multi-purpose room. This is the evening of Parent Teacher's Conferences. They will serve chili or chili dogs. 

For your senior sitizen's calendar, you may circle Wednesday, February 5, for the Sage Meal at noon, February 6 for the 10:00 a.m. brunch, and February 19 for the monthly noon lunch. This lunch is potluck, but if a person doesn't want to cook, he or she may put $3 in the donation box by the door.

Several people met with Paula McMains in the Unity Village meeting room Saturday to hear about her desire to facilitate a Christian book reading gathering, which will meet every five weeks to discuss the book they read. These books are faith based. Interested readers may contact me for her e-mail.

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