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About Town – March 9, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.” Psalm 126: 3 KJV

What does one do when driving through Kit Carson and their community flock of about 40 turkeys wanders across the double lane highway? On my way to Lent Service Wednesday evening, that happened to me. Fortunately, the two lead turkeys turned back. Shirley Morlan said she, “has seen some trucks completely stop to let them meander across.” I have seen them roosting in the trees in the evening. Animals and birds are so interesting to watch. Remember when in the 1940 and 50’s the only antelope we saw were up near Hugo? Now they live all around us on our prairies. Remember when there were so many jack rabbits that the boys used to shoot them and sell their hides? We don’t see very many large jack rabbits around here, however, last year, one ran into my niece, Colby’s, new car. I thought surely, she had hit one of those deer around Haswell by the way her car was smashed. 

Sadly, I said good-bye to my neighbor, Avery Snover, who was moving his belongings to a home with his brother, Brody, in Las Animas. He had the chance to move up in his police career, and for more eventful happenings in a larger community. Eads High has graduated some really fine young men, but this Avery, he is such a respectful outstanding young man. He was always willing to wear that hot Eagle mascot costume, or be Santa Claus, or work the extra laborious jobs at school. I remember when he graduated, former Principal Betsy Barnett told him to “go ahead grow older, get your police education and come back to take care of us.” Well, he did all that for a while. After he as “flown his wings” for a while, let’s remind him to come back.

The Eads senior citizens enjoyed a brunch Thursday morning where Gail Voss served her great sausage gravy on biscuits with baked eggs and the other scrumptious fruit dishes and pastries which the ladies brought. Alice Glover reminded us that the senior noon dinner will be March 18, with the main entrée being corned beef roasted with potatoes and carrots. Afterward people can attend the senior matinee at 1:30 p.m. showing of “The Call of the Wild.”

My brother, Virgil, called me to say, “look at the Johnson Ranch documentary on RFTV.” It was wonderful. Polly Collins Johnson is one of my highly esteemed friends. Red Craven used to work for them, he called the grandfather, “The Old Man.” Well, Charlie would be so proud of his grandsons and great grandsons and daughters who explained their cattle operation in the show, which filmed them riding their horses and moving cattle at their big ranches west of Kit Carson and West Cliff in the mountains. Scott Johnson explained that they prefer their cows to calve in May when it is warmer. They can plan this way because they do not do any farming.

This is an exciting week for basketball fans. The Eads girls and the Kit Carson girls and boys teams are playing in the regional tournament in La Junta. The baseball players and track team members are out on the north fields after school practicing now.

Welcome to Jordan (Barnett) Buck to the business community. She will be in Eads two Fridays of a month.

Amanda (Wyatt) Brown has been spending many extra hours in her office above the GN Bank working on other people’s taxes. What a blessing she is to many people. Her husband’s 200 CDs supply of his splendid piano playing is all sold out! I want to buy more of these incredible CDs.

After the meeting of Kiowa County Fair volunteer clerks and superintendents, we visited the .ibrary. Kemma Alano and Julie Zimmerman were the staff working that day. They said that Valorie Briggs arranged the pretty decorations and displays. A person can buy all age groups of used books for 25 cents! Vicky Rogers and other staff can check out cake baking pans and other offerings to a person who has a library card.

Georgina Gray’s daughters, Judy, Kathy, Bonnie, Betsy, and Bennie Sue, with Funeral Director Jimmy Brown, arranged such a lovely memorial service at the Lutheran Church in Kit Carson. The families enjoyed visiting with friends who came to honor their mother and them. We took a photo of a large number of former students who rode the school bus out southeast of town with the Gray sisters.

John Negley, Dawn Back, and others who had limb surgeries last month are continuing rigorous exercises. We are grateful for two fine physical therapists, Dr. Dennis Bartha and Joe Zinger, and chiropractor, Dr. Sean Oquist, at Weisbrod, and to Curtis Canopin, massage therapist at Demitasse. Some people drive to Lamar to Dr. Oquist’s office for Curtis’s soothing massages.

Many people who stay at the local Cobblestone Inn speak many complements. They are glad to find the local newspapers on the stand there also.

The social service workers are busier on the first Friday of the month when people from the whole county come to get their food commodities. The employees graciously carry out the boxes and bags to vehicles.

Do live joyfully, it feels good.