Ways To Add Years To Your Dog's Life

Ways To Add Years To Your Dog's Life
Published Tuesday, December 1, 2020
by Feature Staff

Maintaining the best practices for keeping your dog healthy will help you prolong their lives as much as possible. Following a few essential ways to add years to your dog's life will assist you in creating a plan that will make the most of your years together. It will also help your pup lead a healthier, more enjoyable life.


What your dog consumes is not only reflected in their health and level of activeness but also their general appearance. Your dog must receive the necessary nutrients from meals. You should be aware of your pup's caloric intake and should try to find the best fit for food based on their size and weight. If you are unsure what to feed your dog at any time, consult with a veterinarian. Pay attention to your dog's coat and build for early indicators of a poor or ineffective diet.

Dogs are often considered carnivores but, taking a closer look at what essentials are necessary for their diets, we see that they are more omnivorous. They need protein from meat as well as nutrients from vegetables. Whether you choose to feed them raw materials or kibble, do your research on what the advantages and disadvantages are. Make sure to consider your pup's age and breed; diet restrictions and nutritional suggestions may be contingent on those factors.  


Frequent exercise is just as important as a balanced and nutrient-rich diet for canines. Again, different types of dogs require different plans of action. Some breeds are inherently more active than others, but all need exercise. Providing your dog with daily activity is vital in maintaining canine cardiovascular health, promoting mobility, and adding to overall life longevity.


As important as the need for physical activity is, appropriate rest is also critical. Stress can be hard on your dog's health and body. Loneliness, confinement, lack of exercise, loud sounds, and safety concerns contribute to increased stress levels. Physical reactions to stress can present as bowel issues, incontinence, disrupted sleep patterns, unexpected aggression, and more.

You may think that your dog experiences little negative stress. Unfortunately, when your pup gets excited (even for positive reasons), their body releases the same stress hormones, causing them to react in the same way. Try to contain your dog's excitement levels by calming them during moments of peak enthusiasm.

Dental Hygiene

In the same way that oral hygiene leads to better overall health in people, your dog's dental practices will contribute to their health and lifespan. Rotten teeth and cavities that are left untreated can lead to vital organ failures in the liver, heart, and kidneys, all of which are leading causes of death in mature canines. One of the easiest ways to add years to your dog's life is to implement a dental hygiene routine that you can maintain at home between regular cleanings at the vet's office. 

No single effort will do as much to increase your dog's longevity as implementing all suggestions will. It is important to remember that the things that prolong our lives as humans are also valid for canines. Remaining vigilant in your efforts will ensure your dog has a better chance at an increased lifespan and an enjoyable life.

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