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Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary Notes

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Doris Lessenden

When members of the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary came to their meeting in JJ’s Ranch House October 11, 2017, they were pleased to see that Linda Trosper had decorated the tables with pretty pumpkin napkins and sparkling pumpkins and lovely candies.  She even supplied zip lock bags to take candies home from the big bowl on the table.  Linda really likes the Halloween season and likes to share with others.   Since Alice Glover was not feeling well; Vice President Madonna Pollreis chaired the meeting.

Barb Diel, Betty Crow, LaVerle Kelley, Madonna Pollreis, and Loretta Seibel volunteered to play cards and games with residents in October on the second Tuesday.

Linda Trosper gave an update on the November 18 Bazaar.  She has sent out the invitation letters and already has several replies.  Charlie and Mary Vasquez will serve the lunch.  She is going to seek door prizes and workers to help with set up and clean up.

Teri Castle–Simmons told about plans for the Hospital Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner that will be at the Community Building at noon November 12 for which members are needed to help decorate and set tables on Friday November 11 at 1:00 p.m.  Each lady was given an invitation to which she was encouraged to RSVP soon. 

It was approved to pay $125.00 toward the larger bill of supplies to make large beautiful fabric–ribbon wreaths for each resident’s doorway.  Teri was commended for all her planning and efforts to make the resident’s lives more pleasant in Weisbrod.  Some of the newer activities are fall trailer rides around town, painting big pumpkins, a pet fashion show, shopping in La Junta, roll a scare crow,  playing bingo at Prairie Pines and other entertaining activities.

We were pleased to have Delores Eikenberg of Haswell visit our meeting.  She said she was surprised and glad to know that we do so many things such as buying items for the Nursing Home, entertaining, painting, buying bedspreads, furniture, flowers, gifts, and other things.  People can pay yearly dues of $5.00 or $10.00 for inactive membership when they can’t come to regular meetings but want to help the Auxiliary.  Many people in the community have had a loved one live in Weisbrod or may be a resident in the future

Men and women are encouraged to visit or join anytime in the year although, January is the traditional month most everyone pays their dues.   We urge the public to come to our Fall Bazaar Saturday November 18 because this is our only fundraiser.