What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts To Replace?

What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts To Replace?

Feature Staff

One of the worst parts of owning a car is paying for parts that break down. Fortunately, not all of them are too costly, but this article focuses on what the most expensive car parts to replace are. Hopefully, you’ll never have to replace them yourself, but it’s good to know which ones have the biggest price tags for future reference.


Let’s start with the one most people know: the transmission. When this piece breaks, some people buy a new vehicle altogether. If you’re one of those who still drive a stick-shift, you’re lucky because manual transmissions are much cheaper than automatics. There are some signs that your automatic transmission is in bad shape. Catching these early can lead to a much cheaper fix.

Engine Block

Another of the most expensive car parts to replace is the entire engine block. If the vehicle’s engine fails, most of its components have stopped working properly. Fixing them might be possible, but it’s usually better to replace the entire engine block at that point.

Brake Line

The brake line is one of the most important parts of a car since it’s the thing that keeps you from crashing. Because of the high value of this system, when one part of it breaks down, the safest option is to replace the whole thing. Even though the individual parts aren’t too expensive, the entire brake line together can get costly.


Even though a car’s alternator isn’t overly expensive to replace, it is on this list because it damages other parts when it goes bad. This part is what regulates all the electrical elements of your vehicle. When it goes, there’s a chance it might take some other systems with it. If you ever notice that your alternator is about to give out, you should replace it immediately.


For the final expensive car part, we have the camshaft. If you have ever tried to skip an oil change or two to save some money, the camshaft will make you regret that decision. The camshaft deals with the car’s air intake, which is essential for it to run. When it breaks, you’ll need to switch it out right away. When you own a car, trying to save money by skipping something almost always costs you more in the end.