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“Spring Break Maker Camp” returns to Lamar Community College


The popular Spring Break Maker Camp will return to Lamar Community College’s Innovate & Make Space (I&MS) in March.  During the week of March 11-15, the I&MS will host a series of classes with fun, hands-on projects for middle and high school students.

Laura Misenheimer, manager of I&MS, is excited to bring the event back with a few updates. 

“Last year’s Spring Break Maker Camp was so much fun for both the kids and myself that I thought I would offer another one this year,” she said. “I expanded the camp to include high school students because I am offering actual certification classes this time.  Being certified, the kids can come back – with a parent if they are under 18 – and work independently during open hours.”

The camp is now open to all students in sixth through twelfth grades.

Students can select one or more courses, depending on their interest area, which will use the I&MS equipment including the vinyl cutter, 3D printers, laser cutter, or sewing machines.  Each course will include certification on that particular piece of equipment and a hands-on project that the student will complete that day. 

“Our Maker Camp is a great opportunity for these students to stretch their imagination,” Misenheimer said. “We will be incorporating personalized design elements into each project, making our final creations truly unique. 

The cost to attend varies on the class selected; vinyl cutting and 3D printing classes will be $40 each, laser cutting will be $80 each, and sewing will be $30. The cost includes the certification and materials used on projects made during the class.  

Scholarships are available to help students off-set the cost of attendance. 

“El Pomar Scholarships are available – either partial or whole – to give any child who wants to learn the chance to do so,” Misenheimer said.

In order to ensure a high-quality experience, each class is limited to only five students.  Anyone interested in attending should reserve a space as soon as possible by calling Laura Misenheimer at 719-336-1584.