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2023 Kiowa County Fair Open Class Fair Exhibits: A Step Above

Sunset over the Kiowa County, Colorado, fairgrounds northeast of Eads. Chris Sorensen
Krystal Eikenberg, CSU Kiowa County Extension Office Administrative Assistant,

This was my fifth fair as the CSU Kiowa County Extension Administrative Assistant and every year I am reminded how thankful I am for so many volunteers that make fair, open class, and the junior livestock show, and sales happen.   

Thank you, Fair Manager- Donna Adame, Chairmen- Cody Fox, Vice-Chairmen- Tabatha Ferris, Director- Kip Peck, Director- Areta Laird, Director- Kent Frazee, Director- Mikaheal Rogers, Director- Trent Rittgers, Board Volunteer- Gary Wollert, and Board Volunteer- Tyler Hainer. 

The Junior Livestock Show and Sales always run smoothly with such an excellent team behind the scenes making it all happen. Thank you all for keeping me in line and explaining things to me when I am lost. Committee Chairman- Tim Trosper, Vice-Chairmen- Rod Cole, members- Junior McDowell, Mark & Michelle Nelson, Nathanial & Holly Mitchek, FFA Instructor- Justin Lenox, Show Booth helper- Nancy Walker, and CSU Kiowa County Extension Specialist- Tearle Lessenden. I may not say it as often as I should, but you all make my job enjoyable, and I look forward to our week together in September. 

This year for Open Class Entries we had: 60 Exhibitors, 484 entries, and 412 Premium Placing entries. That made our Eads Bucks Premium Ribbon Payout $2,344.00 for Open Class, 4-H, and Junior Livestock.

If you did not get a chance to walk around the Exhibit Hall, let me tell you, you missed out! I have been to many Fairs, and I must say the Kiowa County Fair Exhibits, are a step above. 

From Gardening, Field/Crops, Art, Photography, Antiques, Baked Goods, Food Preservation, Flowers, Quilting, Fancy Works, and 4-H Projects, we have some amazing Talent in our Community! I’m so glad that once a year those people share their hard work with us. I hope that more people will gain interest and enter next year. 

Fair is a big undertaking for the Fair Board and all their Volunteers. The Open Class Exhibit Hall Volunteers are just as important and it takes a lot of effort to make the entire system work. I want to give a big thank you to our Open Class Volunteers. These individuals donate their time to set up, clean, and organize the Hall and Exhibits.  

Thank you to all our Open Class Volunteers and Judges! 

Baked Goods:

  • Judge- Abby Weber, 
  • Superintendent-Alice Glover, 
  • Clerk- Cleta Engelhardt and Peggy Miner

Food Preservation: 

  • Judge- Abby Weber, 
  • Superintendent- Debbie Gooden, 
  • Clerk- Vickie Rogers

Fancy Works- Quilting, and Clothing: 

  • Judge- Marilyn Hagans, 
  • Superintendent- Carole Spade, 
  • Clerk- Chris Rehm

Art, Photography, and Hobby: 

  • Judge- Vickie Nestor, 
  • Superintendent- Kemma Alfano, 
  • Clerk- Jaden Self-Eikenberg


  • Judge- Vivian Day, 
  • Superintendent- Areta Laird, 
  • Clerk- Terry Laird


  • Judge- Shellie Engelhardt, 
  • Superintendent- Amy Weirich

Garden and Crops/Fields:

  • Judge- Katie Kopasz, 
  • Superintendent-Valorie Briggs, 
  • Clerk- Glenda Stoker

Ages 0-18 Exhibits and Hobby: 

  • Judge- Amber Comer, 
  • Superintendent- Kathy Specht, 
  • Clerk- Zelpha Deines

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering your time for the Kiowa County Fair Exhibit Hall, please call the Extension Office at 719-438-5321. Right now, is a perfect time to gain knowledge and experience from our volunteers that have been doing this for a long time. 

Gloria Trosper, the 4-H Concession Stand Manager, thank you for keeping it all running and putting in all the long hours you do during the fair!!

Kemma Alfano, not only my often-mistaken twin, but the best office support and open class volunteer. She puts in almost as many hours as I do during fair, and I couldn’t do half of what I do without her. Thank you!

Thank you to the Community and all fair goers for your Support and we will see you at the 2024 Kiowa County Fair and Rodeo!