6 Winter driving safety tips for truck drivers

6 Winter driving safety tips for truck drivers

Feature Staff

If you’re new to the truck driving industry or have never worked in a cold climate, it’s good to review the rules for safe winter driving. More accidents happen during the winter than in any other season, making it a dangerous time to be on the road. Discover these six winter driving safety tips for truck drivers.

No-slip grips

One of the dangers of truck driving during winter is inspecting your truck when it’s freezing outside. We highly recommend investing in decent work boots with no-slip grips on the bottom that allow you to walk on slippery surfaces. It’s also wise to get some thick gloves with extra grips on them, too.

Slow down

The cold makes people drowsy, which can impact a person’s ability to react to hazards on the road. By traveling a little slower than you normally would, you’ll have more time to adjust to sudden stops. Even if you’re feeling awake and alert, you can’t account for how other drivers will behave.

Leave more space

Another way to give yourself extra protection during the winter is to stay back further from the car in front of you. This way, if they stop, you’ll have more time to break. This extra space can be especially valuable if you hit a patch of ice on the road and need time to correct your wheels.

Assume black ice is out there

The most important driving safety tip for truck drivers is to always assume that black ice is present if the temperatures are below freezing. If your truck doesn’t have an external temperature sensor, you can assume that temperatures are freezing when you see ice clinging to your antennas.

Keep your hands on the wheel

When you come across a patch of black ice, you will need to react very quickly to keep control of your truck. If you don’t have a firm grip on the wheel with two hands, you’re in danger of losing control. We recommend not driving while holding anything (such as a beverage), especially during the winter.

Watch out for bridges

Bridges are very dangerous to drive on during the winter. Because these structures experience more cold air than regular roads, they tend to freeze faster. Ice can form on bridges even when it’s not present on the rest of the road.

Driving during the winter can be dangerous, but following these tips can help keep you safe. Make sure to take extra precautions during the winter so that you arrive at your destination safely.