PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town – April 12, 2021

Doris Lessenden

Philippians 2:15-16 “You will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.”

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday as they do on the first Wednesday of the month in JJ’s Restaurant. We were glad to have Diane O’Brian as a guest. She and Rich have lived in many different towns in several states, and they really do like Eads and want to be a part of the good things that are happening here. Matt Prince reported that the Ag celebration and barbeque was a great success. They served over 700 plates of hamburgers and hot dog meals. He said there was a huge turnout of cowboys for the roping competition. He was impressed with the people who stepped up to volunteer. Marilyn Baxter, former Mayor, said she has noticed “that more people are willing to volunteer lately.” President Dennis Pearson led a discussion about the May 16 Kids Fishing Day and what we need to order for food. The Chamber set the deadline of May 25 to receive letters of nomination to for the “Volunteer of the Year” and “Citizen of the Year.” More plans were finalized to have the Chamber’s trailer cleaned of paint and ready for new logos applied, paid for by businesses. 

There have been some exiting volleyball games in the gymnasium, which are even more entertaining because the boys have a super cheering section in the northeast corner of the gym. I asked the school photographer who the great cheerleader was in the pink shirt. She replied, “Damian Barnes” and then I asked Ally Spady, who is that handsome guy in the light green tank top? She replied, “Oh, that’s Porter Spady.” The next home game is Tuesday, and then the girls travel to South Baca Friday and Wiley on the April 20. Unfortunately, one of Eads’ more experienced players, Rhailie Rittgers, couldn’t play this year because she will have ACL surgery soon.

During the week, the junior class decorated the Eads senior citizen center rooms for the prom. Russ Watson said that it looked really pretty with battery lighting and decorations around a Paris Eiffel Tower theme. The students had their outdoor Grand March by riding in the back of pickups from north to south on Maine Street, led by the flashing lights of police cars, so that people could see the couples and handsome clothing. Many people parked backwards on Maine to shine their headlights on the parade. Braylynn (Peck) Eder was the photographer. Only parents of the royalty court could be inside for the crowning, and then they had to leave immediately. The queen was Amber Kopaz and the king was Joe Haase. The other princesses and princes from the senior class were Mollie Kelley, Colby Stoker, Hatch Nelson, and Zach Fowler. The senior parents hosted an after-prom party at the community building.

We read in a Lamar newspaper that Sam and Jeni (Jenifer Weber) Black had a baby boy, Winston. The young family lives east of town in one of Eunice Weber’s family homes. It was announced that Kody and Courtney Lane of Eads had a baby son, Kanan Scott, born last week.

Robin Musgrave and I took Bud and Dixie (Weber) Bennett to Lamar to dine out. After being in their home for over a year, they just wanted to go somewhere for a meal! Bud treated us and also bought a new cell phone. People really enjoy the Bennett’s flag displays which, last week, was of various law enforcement agencies in the nation.

It was good to see Sarah (Seibel) Ferris and Jean (Seibel) Prine of Newton, Kansas. They came to help Taegan Ferris celebrate her 16th birthday and to attend the volleyball matches.

Last week was Librarian Day, and we do thank our County Librarians, Kemma Alfano and Valorie Briggs. They do a great job with such a low budget, and they are always so helpful and abounding in good educational ideas. When I was a little girl, we went to the town hall where Mrs. Wimp was the librarian in the space that is now the office of the Town of Eads.

April 10 was Sibling Day. I enjoyed calling my brothers and sister, and good friends, to say, “I love you and appreciate you!”

There was a lot of excitement in Eads last Monday night when people received phone calls and texts from Shellie Englehardt, the Emergency Manager, telling them to stay in their houses. There was a high-speed chase from Lamar to Eads where several law enforcement agencies worked together to stop and capture a man in a stolen vehicle. In the end he lost control and drove right through the east wall of the former Sibcy Café. In the 1950s and 60s, that was our favorite place to go for hamburgers and French fries. The big hole is where the jukebox was where we used to drop our coins to listen to our favorite songs. My niece, Dally Jo, saw the man run between the trailer houses on Maine and, eventually, the officers found him sitting in Steve Glode’s car a block or two the west! Maybe he was going to steal that car too? He is in the Bent County Jail now.

PICT Home Oil station in Eads - Jeanne Sorensen

Former Home Oil service station in Eads. Courtesy Jeanne Sorensen

We always like to go see which vintage car Cardon Berry has parked by Cindy McLoud’s Vintage shop on Highway 287.